10 reasons to smile


Hello everyone!

Yesterday, my friend and I took a trip to a place I love very much, the beach 
While we were there I began to think/worry about numerous different things that I'm not happy about, but soon realised that I shouldn't have to feel so bad about myself, so I made a list of reasons why YOU and I should both smile :)

1)  Laughing and smiling can reduce stressLaughing can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and boost mood so if you keep on smiling you're bound to have a much better day!

2) Everyone deserves happiness - If other people can smile then so can you, everyone deserves happiness and that includes you, even if you think otherwise.

3) Today is a new day - so what if yesterday wasn't great? today is a new day, forget about the past, smile and think of a new way to make today even better!

4)  You are loved - surround yourself with those who love you and forget about those who you may not get along with. Cherish the time you have with family and friends because you know for sure they will make you smile!

5) You are beautiful - ever spent too much time worrying about the way you look? well you know what? you're beautiful and no one has the right to judge you because you may not reach the height of someone else's standards. 

6) Perfection doesn't exist - we all live in a world where the word "perfect" can get thrown around way too often, yet no one has discovered the definition of the word itself, so keep on smiling because nothing is "perfect".

7) You are enough - If you are ever made to feel bad about yourself because someone else forced you to feel that way, just smile. Although it can be hard, you must know that YOU are enough and no one should allow you to feel that way.

8) You can do what you want - You are free to do whatever you want to do, make your own choices because nothing can hold you down.

9) Nothing is impossible - try new things! experiment and be spontaneous, who's stopping you? 

10) Believe - It is proven that if you grin for 60 seconds then you guaranteed to have a much brighter day, try it! 

"when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile"

I hope this list helped you all smile just a little bit more.

Stay beautiful, 
yours truly,


  1. This really helped brighten my day, so thank you :) Nice post!


  2. There is always a reason to smile. Lovely post!

    ~ Mikéla