5 wishes..


   Hello everyone! 

Tomorrow, this little guy (Joel) will be turning five and I'm honored to call him my baby brother. Although I still wonder where he gets his stubbornness from *looks off into the distance* because I'm sure it's not me... (oops) I decided that I would dedicate this blog post to my one and only brother, It's not like you turn five every day!

I can imagine the look on his face tomorrow morning when he opens all his presents he's been wishing for... so with that being said, I have chosen to write a list of 5 things I wish for in general 

1) Happiness -  For far too long now it feels as though I haven't been as happy as I wish I could be. There's nothing that I hate more than seeing someone in a grumpy/sad/annoyed mood, wouldn't the world be so much better if everyone was happy? (I think yes) 

2) A Holiday - I haven't been on a nice, relaxing holiday in nearly five years so I think it's about time I bring out the saving jar and start to lock away all the money that comes my way because I'm known to be a terrible money saver! 

3) Own a micro pig - This may seem strange to a few of you out there wondering "why would she possibly want a pig?" well let me tell you my friends, not only are these the cutest animals, but they are just so tiny and that makes them 10x more adorable, just look at them!

4) Travel the world - I love adventures and travelling has always been something that I'm interested in doing. Imagine how crazy it would be, flying to one country and suddenly catching a plane again to visit the other side of the world!

5)  Move to London - for at least a year or two, moving to London has been something that I dream of doing. Despite the fact I only live about an hour away from London itself, I would still love to be able to finally move there. I'm fascinated by the sights and the busy streets, not to mention how AMAZING the shopping is!

I hope you enjoyed my list of 5 wishes.. how about you tell me yours? leave a comment below as many wishes as you like. 

Happy birthday to Joel, I love you with all my heart, have a great day buddy 

Goodnight for now...

stay beautiful, 
yours truly,

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