Lately I've been using the same products near enough every day because I'm slightly (more like crazy) obsessed! So i'm just gonna go right ahead and tell you alllll about my favourite high street products.

      First is the Maybelline "lash sensational mascara" in "very black". I mentioned this product in one of my monthly favourites before and since then I've been loving it more and more each day. The brush is perfect as it is slightly curved so gives a better effect. I find it gives great length and volume, however, it can sometimes clump up your lashes if you're not careful! so be sure to put just enough coats on - probably about two or three max. It's definitely worth the purchase at only £7.99.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the Bourjois "healthy mix" foundation (£9.99). I've been using it for at least 2 years now and I have yet to find another foundation that gets the job done better than this one. Not only is the glow you get once applied great but the scent of the foundation itself is heavenly *heart eyes*; it reminds me of all things summer and if that's not wonderful I don't know what is. I have this in the shade "vanilla 52".

I'm almost positive that the Rimmel London "extra super lash" mascara was the first decent makeup product I ever owned and I still love it now. I like pairing this with the "lash sensational" mascara that I mentioned first as it gives better length and volume. This mascara is also great if you're aiming for a more natural/effortless look as the volume isn't so good. Considering this is only £4.99, you may as well give it a try!

The Sleek eyebrow kit in "dark"(£8.49) is excellent if you want a bold eyebrow look. It comes with two different brushes; a slanted brush and a blending brush. There is also a mini pair of tweezers, but I haven't tried those since I already have some. The kit also has two different sections, one with shaping wax which is used with the slanted brush to shape/outline your brows. The second is a setting powder which is used with the blending brush to fill in your brows a bit more. I also like to use the soap and glory "archery" brow tint and pencil (£10) on a day to day basis as it gives a more natural finish compared to the sleek eyebrow kit. 

Finally, I've recently started to use the Rimmel London "stay matte" pressed powder in "silky beige" (£3.99). This powder is really light but gives great coverage! before using this I used the Max Factor "Creme puff" powder in "Golden" (£6.99) which was equally as good but the Rimmel one is slightly less scented which I prefer.

Thank you for reading,

what is your favourite high street makeup product?


  1. I have yet to try the Bourjois foundation, but I love the serum, and the Maybelline Lash Sensation is definitely my favourite mascara! Great post x


    1. Thank you Hannah! It's so good, I'm sure you'll love it! x

  2. I absolutely love that mascarra. It's one I only discovered a few months back but I already know I'll buy it again.


  3. The Maybelline mascara looks very interesting, I think I'm gonna buy it next time :D


  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)
    Check out the details here: http://perhapsbananas.org


  5. I love the stay matte and super lash they are my favourite drugstore products, so affordable!