I think we can all agree when people say "princess party" we all automatically imagine a 5 year old's birthday party with screaming kids and a bouncy castle, right? well let me tell you.. you're never too old to be a princess! 

Last Friday, my mum and I decorated the house with all things pink while my sister, Leah, went to the cinema with her boyfriend. She had no idea what we had planned, but the whole family kept it a secret for weeks! Once Leah came through the front door she was in shock and even started crying a little (with happiness of course) hahaha. There was a "sweet bar" full of marshmallows, lollipops, chocolate etc... Mum made some cupcakes and I "helped" by putting the little flags with cute words and pastel colours on top! My auntie made her a cake with a figure of her favourite disney princess, Rapunzel. The food was great and the evening went exactly as planned, if not better!

I thought I'd share some photos I took throughout the evening as it was such lovely time with the family.


The following day, we celebrated my nans birthday and the whole family all came round our house again and we got pizzaaaaaa, oh sweet, sweet, beautiful pizza *heart eyes*.
It has been an amazing weekend full of happiness and laughter! 

Love, Shannon

what did you do this weekend?


  1. This is such a sweet idea! I would've loved that for my 18th, hope your sister enjoyed her day. Would be great if you could check out my recent fashion post?:)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you! It was lovely, she enjoyed it very much. Of course x