Hello everyone!

Here I am, tucked up in bed since 7:30pm.. yeah, you heard me. 7:30pm.

Seeing as we are now amongst the beautiful season that is autumn, I thought an autumnal playlist was definitely needed. So, I'm just gonna dive right in and tell you some of my ultimate favourite songs that I adore at this time of year.

This playlist would be perfect if you were snuggled up with a blanket by the fire or with some candles, going on a walk or even whilst writing a blog post, like myself.

1.  I have been so so so in love with "lost boy" by Ruth B, I cannot stop playing it! Ruth has such a gorgeous voice and is wayyy too underrated. I definitely recommend that you go check out this song like, right now. 

2. "breakfast at tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something has always been a song that makes me smile. I just had to use it in this playlist.

3. "helplessly" by Tatiana Manaois is a really chilled out song and is perfect to listen to at night when it's raining and the windows are open, so you get the mixture of both sounds.

4. I've also been obsessing over "try" by Colbie Caillat. I find that this is such an uplifting song and makes you feel pretty good about yourself and is a reminder to love you for YOU without having to try, hence the name of the song.

5. "all I want" by Kodaline has been my go to autumn/winter song for around two years now and I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me when I say that this song is perfect to listen to around this time of year.

6. "air" by Shawn Mendes ft. Astrid is simply perfect. Then again, isn't every other Shawn Mendes song perfect? you know I'm right..

7. "changes" by Langhorne Slim & The Law is a recent favourite of mine and is definitely worth the listen, especially while reading with your morning coffee.

8. "I will never fall in love with you" by Sam Pinkerton.

9. "hands of love" is a new release by Miley Cyrus and is honestly beautiful. I love the music behind this song and find it somewhat magical?

10. Finally, is my favourite song out of everything on this playlist. "some you win" by Nina Nesbitt. Nina has such a unique voice and her album is flawless. I can't wait for new releases! 

I hope you enjoyed my go to Autumn playlist, well, some of my playlist. I can assure you that there's plenty more! 

Thank you for reading.


what's your favourite autumnal song?