I think this post is wayyy overdue considering it's christmas in what, 6 days?! but I suddenly thought this post would be a good idea, especially if you're a last minute kinda gal like me.

This eye shirt from Kenzo is probably one of my favourite fashion pieces right now. It's simple yet so stylish! You can find this here for £75
This phone case from Kate Spade is simple yet so gorgeous, I mean who doesn't have an iphone nowadays and isn't a huge fan of gold? - £40 (you can find this here)

Kate Spade alos have a "gifts uder £50" section on their website

These mini lipstick charms are the cutest! There is a variety of 3 different lipsticks. I think these would make a perfect gift to any beauty lover. Available here for £29.

This "In the glow highlighting trio" from Laura Mercier is gorgeous and is a great price at £25. (you can find this here)

I'm in love with this "leather trapeze bow wash bag" from Ted Baker for £49. I think the rose gold effect on the bow, zip and writing makes it look beautiful. (you can find this here)

Another gift from Kate Spade, but this would be perfect
if you know someone who is insanely organised or just a good ol stationery lover. You can find this here for £14.95.

These adorable gold-plated earrings from Chan Luu would look great with pretty much any outfit and are completley worth it at £50. (you can find these here)

If the person you're buying for is a complete fashion addict, this gift is necessary. You can find this here for £45.

These boots from Steve Madden are gorgeous and are £35 from £119 !! you can find these here.

Chocolate addict? problem solved. With this hamper, you can get a variety of luxury chocolate for £100 from Godiva. (you can find this here)

This Stella McCartney Iphone 5 metallic lips case would instantly make you look chic and fabulous, am I right ladies? You can find this here for £80.

 Isn't this little coin pouch by Marc Jacobs just the cutest thing you've ever seen?! you can find this here for £82.52

I absolutely love this Joanna Laura Constantine gold plated crystal embellished ear cuff as it is so delicate and simple yet really classy. You can find this here for £93.

Okay, so a little over £100 but these were too pretty to leave out! These light brown round sunglasses from Ray-ban are £113. (you can find these here.)

This limited edition Urban Decay palette is a must have item this christmas! You can find this here for £43.

I love this rose gold plated ring by Vitaly so much and at £45 you can't go wrong. (you can find this here.)

I think this Moschino iphone 6 case is the coolest case I've ever seen to be honest. Yeah you might get a couple of stares walking around with this in public, but hey it's cool. I love it. (you find this this here for £55)

This chelsea burgundy leather wallet from DKNY is great if you're wearing a pretty small bag but still need a wallet as it's mini, but still really cute. You can find this here for £60.

 I don't think I know anyone that doesn't have an obsession with candles, so why not get one of these from Diptyque for £40 (you can find this here)

I hope you all have a very merry christmas!

What's on your christmas wish list?



  1. Love these gifts! That Charlotte tilbury lipstick set is to die for!
    Rita x

  2. These are really great gift ideas! There's always a person you have to buy a last minute gift for.

  3. These are lovely! Those Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and that Diptyque candle are on my wish list! x

    1. They're both my favourite products from the list!x

  4. So many unique gifts!
    Charlotte //

  5. What a great post! loving all the iedas, thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh my.. That Laura Mercier trio! Ted Baker is also always a hit. I love how you did designer things and a range of different products. Enjoyable to read.

  7. Thanks whenever I get for my girlfriend those lipsticks all the time she loves it.