Here I am listening to my beloved Disney playlist and writing a well needed blog post, feeling like a bronzed goddess with wavy hair. A little while ago, Laurens way were kind enough to send me a few bits from their website to try out and being a beauty lover of course I was up for it.
I was sent a pack of 20 'dream rollers', a pump and pout lip gloss in the shade nude/pink "instant wash off glow" fake tan.
Now, being a first time tanner and having only used a Soap and Glory lip plumper once before I was a little hesitant but I thought why not give it a go?

Dream rollers -

I was really looking forward to trying this product since I had only ever used a curling wand to create curls/waves. The instructions on the packaging were very brief which made it slightly harder to know how to apply the rollers in the hair, but my mum managed to do it just fine! You are told to leave the rollers in over night, which I thought would be very uncomfortable but was surprised to find that they weren't actually too bad as they're quite spongy on the inside. Although the velcro was quite irritating on my scalp at times, it still managed to hold the hair extremely well and kept the rollers from falling out during the night. Since I had washed my hair the same morning and is naturally very straight I was really happy to see the difference that the rollers had made.

(the curls had dropped slightly when this photo was taken.. oops)

Instant wash off glow fake tan - 

Who doesn't want a tan all year round without having to lay out in the sun for hours? I know I certainly do. I was shocked at the results from this tan as I hadn't seen or heard any reviews on it - it's amazing, my skin instantly looked bronzed and was instantly glowing! There was no scent to it which I was happy about since I had heard that it can sometimes be pretty bad. The only bad thing about it was that the lid was broken and it took multiple times fixing it to actually get the tan out of the bottle.

(the difference between both arms. Sorry it's out of focus!)

Pump & pout lip gloss in nude/pink - 

I think I was most excited to try this product as it meant it would result in me having fuller, poutier (I don't think that's a word..) lips. I've gotta say I was actually very disappointed in this product. You are advised to mix the lip gloss with only 1 - 2 drops of the pumping serum, which I did. Once I applied the lip gloss onto my lips it honestly felt like they were on fire. Okay, a little bit of an exaggeration, but they still hurt, a lot. I know they're supposed to tingle a little to get the full effect, but this was quite uncomfortable. The colour in the tube was a lovely shade of pink, but once applied I found that there was a glossy effect on my lips but there was no difference in colour. 

Overall, I really liked the tan and the rollers, but personally wouldn't purchase the lip gloss again. 
You can find all three of these products over at

 (thank you to EtailPR)


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