Before I say anything -  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! well okay, christmas eve.. but for some of you it's already christmas day so I was allowed to do that! plus I won't get the chance to say that again since I'll be spending time with my family tomorrow and boxing day so a blog post won't be up until the 27th :(

This post is probably just going to be me babbling on about my love for the holidays since I have no idea where I'm really going with this.

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, sitting by the fire with hot chocolate - mini marshmallows are a must - and watching movies such as Elf and The Grinch, the twinkling lights, shopping for presents and singing christmas classics are simply the best!

I've been listening to so many different playlists on spotify to get into the festive spirit even more and possibly even swooning over christmas displays on pinterest - they're beautiful okay don't judge me. My personal favourite christmas tunes have got to be: "I wish it could be christmas everyday" - Wizzard, "One more sleep" - Leona Lewis, "Step into christmas" - Elton John, and of course "All I want for christmas is you" - Mariah Carey. I'm also really loving the christmas mix of "Love me like you"- Little mix. Surely I'm not alone when I say that "Stay another day" - East 17 and "Driving home for christmas" - Chris Rea are the worst christmas songs?!

Anyways, am I the only one who hasn't actually tried drinking eggnog? I mean I've tried the pumpkin spiced latte from starbucks before, but that's hardly the same right? I definitely need to start making some, maybe even once I finish this post...

It's also chucking it down outside, nothing says christmas quite like a ton of rain right before the big day! (I'm kidding, well kinda) why can't it more like the movies with the snow falling right on the night of christmas eve!? don't worry i'm crying over it too.  I've never experienced a warm christmas because I've only ever spent it here at home in England although I'd love to spend it somewhere out in America, New York would be an absolute dream!

I think the family and I are going to be watching a few christmas movies tonight as well as my little brother Joel and sister Jessie writing a letter to santa and getting the mince pies, carrot and glass of milk ready before bed! I'm also probably going to be up early in the morning with a knock on my bedroom door from Joel telling me santa's been and left a ton of presents! I can't wait to see the little look on his face!

I hope you have a wonderful day with all your loved ones and have the best christmas dinner. I also hope you're going crazy with the chocolate and mince pies, hey it's christmas, you're allowed to pig out.

What's your favourite christmas song?


  1. Hope you had an amazing christmas!
    Charlotte //