Back in October I put up a blog post called "my ultimate autumn playlist" (you can read here) which to my surprise was actually one of my most popular posts. Since I had a lot of fun writing about my favourite songs during the autumnal months, I wanted to share with you guys the songs that make me most happy no matter what time of year! This playlist includes many shower tunes and I'm also gonna throw it back a little, possibly with a Destinys child favourite or two.. or seven..

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1) Love myself - Hailee Steinfield.
This song is all about self love, hence the title. I feel like I can really jam out to this song and it makes me smile a lot. I also really recommend listening to Hailees EP as it's so good!

2) Way in the world - Nina Nesbitt
Nina is one of my favourite artists ever, since this song is all about finding yourself and where you belong as an individual. It's beautiful really. My favourite lyrics are "I'm not lost, I'm just finding my way in the world"

3) Weird people - Little mix 
This is such a get up and dance song, I love it!

4) Are you gonna be my girl - Jet
This has got to be one of my favourite throw back songs of all time and brings back memories of waiting with my friends while this was playing in the background as we waited for 5 seconds of summer to come on stage in London a few years ago.

5) Melodies - Madison Beer
Yeah this song is a little cheesy, I won't deny, but it's still really cute and reminds me of summer so it makes me smile a lot.

6) When we're human - Princess and the frog
As a huge Disney lover and The princess and the frog being one of my favourite movies, this song had to be mentioned. I love the New Orleans vibe!

7) Say my name - Destinys Child
Probably one of my favourite songs since as long as I can remember, I never get tired of hearing it.

8) Catch fire - 5 seconds of summer
Although a 5sos song never disappoints, this is probably the one from their new album "sounds good feels good" that makes me happiest.

9) Cut the cord - Shinedown
Being a fan of many genres of music, I had to include one of my favourite rock bands. 

10) Colours - Halsey 
This has been one of my favourite songs by Halsey for so long, I remember having to listen to the live version ages before the studio version came out.

11) I can feel it - Hey violet
This is such a dancy tune and makes you want to head bang and whip out the air guitar... not that I do that.. obviously pfft...

12) Temporary fix - One direction 
I could say the same thing about this song as I did for the one above to be honest.

13) Better when I'm dancing - Meghan Trainor 
and this one..

14) Do my thang - Miley Cyrus
oh this one too..

15) Drown - Bring me the horizon
Although this isn't a song you could particularly jam out to, it's still one of my favourite songs that make me smile most and I mean you could still sing this at the top of your lungs if you wanted to, which I do all the time.

16) Hands to myself - Selena Gomez 
This is definitely my favourite song off of her album 'Revival' I love the part where she sings "I mean I could but why would I want to". My sister and I used to belt this out in the car so yeah there's that too.

17) November - Sleeping with sirens 
Sws have been one of my favourite bands for a few years now and when they released their latest album "Madness" I fell in love with this song straight away. I may have a little extra love for it since it's my birth month too.. 

18) Bootylicious - Destinys child
Oh look, another Destinys child song? don't say I didn't warn you!

19) Somethings got a hold of me - Christina Aguilera
Burlesque is one of my absolute favourite musicals and this song manages to make me smile every time. Christinas voice is so gorgeous too.

20) Love you I do - Dream Girls
As we're on the topic of musicals, how can I leave out this one?!

21) Genie in a bottle - Christina Aguilera
Okay so major throwback, but come on, don't tell me you didn't try following the dance routine to this song.

22) Dancing with myself - Billy Idol
Okay so hugeee throwback, but when I heard Hey Violet cover this song it made me remember it and how much I love it.

23) How you get the girl - Taylor Swift 
This is definitely my favourite Taylor song without a doubt.

24) I bet my life - Imagine Dragons
I feel like I will never get bored of this song, it's got such a happy vibe to it and reminds me so much of summer time!
25)  Over my head - The fray
I can't even comprehend the love I have for The fray, their lyrics are perfect and never disappoint with their songs.

what is your happy song?


  1. Haven't heard the majority of these songs, is that bad?!
    Charlotte //

    1. Oh my gosh, you need to listen to them all right now!