Since I'm going on holiday to Orlando, Florida in 10 days I thought it was only necessary to write this post about my travel/hand luggage essentials whilst on a nine hour flight.. 


Considering I haven't been on holiday in around five years, it's come to my attention that I have, yes, forgotten how to pack a suitcase or a travel bag. When I say this I mean I've completley forgotten the type of things I need to take.. not literally how to pack a suitcase. I just don't want to leave anything behind the way the Mcallister family leave Kevin behind in Home alone - Not that I have a child, I'm talking beauty products here. 

The first thing I'll be taking with me is headphones, now these are essential. Seriously if I don't have these little babies with me on this flight I'm gonna freak. How else am I supposed to watch 2 Broke Girls and listen to my disney playlist on my phone without disturbing literally everyone else on the plane?!

Lip balm is also like my best friend so I will not be leaving this behind, seriously I apply this thing an unhealthy amount of times throughout the day..

Just incase my face feels kinda ew throughout the journey (let's be honest it will), I want to make sure I have my B. Pure cleansing wipes to get rid of all that dirt and bacteria. I'll also be taking my hand sanitizer for the same reasons.

Since I'll be wearing no makeup throughout the whole flight, I'll want to take my Simple moisturizer and Estee Lauder repair serum so my face feels fresh and pretty.

I'll also be taking my Flo accessories LED compact mirror and perfume atomizer. I'll most likely be topping up my atomizer with Versace "Bright Crystal Absolu" perfume or Estee Lauder "Modern Muse" since they are clearly the most heavenly scents everrr.

My portable phone charger is an absolute must for obvious reasons as well as my passport, a pack of mints and a good book! So I feel a bit late to the party here but i've decided to take "All the bright places" by Jennifer Niven as I've heard so many good things about it and although it sounds like I'll probably cry judging by the storyline, I think it will be great.

Ahh I can't wait until I'm finally there!

Are you going on holiday anytime soon???


  1. I always have headphones, facial wipes and snacks in my purse when I'm traveling. Great list!

    S .x

  2. Lovely post! The Gretchen Wieners gif is so appropriate and made me laugh so much! I absolutely love All The Bright Places and you will probably tear up a bit haha

    Hannah xx

    1. Haha, I'm glad you liked it! oh no, I hope I don't! x

  3. Have a good time on your holiday! Love your headphones!
    Charlotte //

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