Today I want to talk about the things I value most in life, even if it is just the little things.

1. Family - okay, so this is slightly obvious since I'm sure everyone loves and appreciates their family, but I don't know what I'd do without any of them. Although I argue with my four sisters and little brother relatively often, I am so so glad I have them all in my life. My parents also mean the world to me so thank you guys if you just so happen to be reading this *cough* mum I know you're reading this *cough*

(throwback to 2007 with mum)
2. My camera - I wouldn't be able to take any decent photos for my blog without my camera, so it makes me happy knowing I have it and tend to carry it around with me often so I never miss an opportunity to snap a quick picture for you guys.

3. The beach -  I know I've mentioned my love for the beach in previous posts, but there's something about it that makes me smile a lot.

4. Throwback songs - I'm actually listening to a few good ol throwbacks while I write this and the happiness it brings me is way too much to handle. Thank god for Destinys child, what would I do without them?

5. Internet friends - Most people like to state that everyone you meet on the internet is some 50 year old guy that lives alone with cats, although in some cases it can be true, clearly not everyone is like this. I have met so many amazing people through social media and I couldn't be more grateful to be able to talk to them whether that's on snapchat, skype, imessage or twitter. Lily, Chelsey, Destiny, Kira, Michelle, Melissa, Laurien, I love you all.

6. Summer - I can't stand cold weather and could never go on some sort of ski trip, the thought of it actually makes me shiver. Waking up to blue skies, the heat and being able to wear shorts is the best thing ever.

7. Concerts - When I'm at a concert, I completely lose myself in the music and have the time of my life. Knowing that everyone in that room is there to see the same artist as me and probably shares the same amount of admiration for them like I do is incredible. I have made several friends whilst queueing for a gig and it's great knowing that you automatically have the same interest as someone else and instantly get along.

8. Coffee - whether it's ordinary coffee or iced coffee, my love for it is endless. I've never actually
tried tea so I can't say I don't like it, but coffee is beautiful.

9. Disney - If you're a Disney lover you're probably high fiving me through the screen right now - if not, well, my bad. I have grown up listening to an endless amount of Disney music and watching a lifetimes worth of Disney movies. I actually watched The Lion King today and almost cried because let's be honest, who doesn't? I'm also going to DisneyWorld in about three days so that's exciting. I'm trying to act cool right now, but it's definitely not working ajhfslkj.

10. Art - I absolutely love painting, I may not be the best at it, but it's something I enjoy doing even if it's just a mixture of colours creating a random pattern that somehow turns out okay and kind of pretty. I also enjoy drawing, whether it's a person or something completely random. Even just looking at art is something I love as I think every artist has a different way of expressing themselves in such a creative way, personally I think it's beautiful.

11. Fashion - I have learnt a lot throughout the years with fashion and let me tell you, a few years ago it definitely wasn't good.. Since leaving school, I have started to develop my own style instead of following "school trends" and it feels pretty great. I am obsessed with styling different outfits and dreaming of the clothes I'll probably never afford, which also kinda sucks.

12. Beauty - Like fashion. I have learnt a lot throughout the years with makeup and I think it's fair to say we have all made a few beauty mistakes in our time. Mine was definitley my brows. They have gone from being practically non existent to a sharpie looking disaster.. I know what you're thinking.. ew. They are now a lot more natural and I get a great amount of satisfaction when I know I've filled them in perfectly. I'm still learning with makeup, but it is still something I am pretty damn obsessed with.

13. Candles - I know a lot of you are with me when I say candles are possibly one of the best things that ever happened to the world, right? yes. They make any house feel more homely and warm and don't even get me started on the variety of scents. I'm obsessed.

14. London - Although I live fairly close to London, I've always been completely in love with it. The first time I ever visited London was in 2013, pretty crazy since I only live under 2 hours away right.. but it makes me so happy every time I go there. I think it's a pretty great city that I'll never get bored of.

15. Adventure - Discovering new places is one of my absolute favourite things and the thought of travelling the world in a few years makes me so unbelievably excited.

16. My blog - Creating my blog has definitely been the best decision I ever made and I couldn't be more pleased about it. I started it when I left school and I know I would never be doing this if I was still there. I feel like my blog is slowly growing and I can't wait to see how much it progresses in the following years. Thank you to everyone that reads my posts and leaves a comment. I appreciate it so much.

what are your favourite little things in life?

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