As a few of you know, these past three weeks I have been enjoying myself in the beautiful Orlando, Florida and as amazing as that was, I'm sad to say I'm back in little ol' England and being forced to deal with this horribly cold weather that I don't get along with at all.

In my last post, I told you guys that I would keep you updated with what I'm doing on my holiday and also share some photos I had taken along the way, but unfortunately I couldn't do that since the wifi was so awful. I tried multiple times just to upload one blog post on various days and nothing decided to happen so yeah I was pretty gutted.. I do have the photos though and I'm happy to be back as I have a ton of blog post ideas lined up!

Rather than just uploading a bunch of random photos of my holiday like I did in my last post, I thought it would be better to share photos from each theme park I went to etc.. sort of section it out a bit more and share the highlights from my trip.

Today I thought I would write about Hollywood studios!

To be completely honest, this park is probably my least favourite Disney park out of the four. Don't get me wrong, I love this park, anything Disney is great, right? I see you nodding your head, you know I'm right. The only reason why this park isn't my favourite is simply because it's the smallest park which meant there wasn't as much to do or see.

The main focal point of the park is the replica of the Graumans chinese theatre, originally located in Hollywood, which of course, is why they bought it here to Hollywood studios. I love the detail surrounding this building, it's definitely worth seeing. I'd love to see the real one some day!

"Tower Of Terror" a.k.a "The Hollywood Tower" is one of the most famous attractions in the entire park, and definitely the scariest! I first went on this ride when I was six years old, and I'm not joking when I say that I think I was more scared of going on it this time round then I was back then! If you like the adrenaline from being scared, then I swear you will get it on this ride. If you don't know what this ride is like and also curious, then let me tell you.. You sit in small groups (imagine you're sitting on seats in an elevator) in 3 separate rows. The elevator car takes you round in the pitch black and then suddenly there's a white light and the ride drops, as if you're falling 13 stories/levels. It is definitely worth doing!

Each time I go back to Hollywood Studios, this is the ride I look forward to the most. I first went on the Rock 'n' Roller coaster when I was six and since then have enjoyed it every time I've been back. I think with roller coasters you either love em or you hate them aND I LOVE THEM. 

If you're a true Disney fan then surely you've seen the Beauty And The Beast movie - If not please head over to Netflix right now and experience the best hour and however minutes of your life, you'll thank me later. If you ever do decide to go to Hollywood Studios, then you most definitely need to see this stage show, it's truly magical. 

As soon as I noticed this I instantly thought of the tv show, anyone else? no? okay.

I didn't really get many photos of Downtown Disney at all because as you can tell, it was so dark and lighting was bad, resulting in blurry or grainy photos. I know I know, it's sad. I cry about it too. I've only just realised that both of these photos are Lego ft. my lil sister, Jessie. Seriously though, it must have taken one heck of a lot of time and talent to build these figures.

I am pretty sad that I didn't manage to take any photos of the star wars firework display as it was such a great thing to see and hear, the music was insanely good.

So that's pretty much it! I'll be posting about more parks soon, most likely with more photos and interesting things to say, so I look forward to you reading them.

Have you been to DisneyWorld?

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