ORLANDO TRIP 2016: DAY 1 & 2


Sorry for being inactive these past few days, but I have a very very good reason! That reason being Orlando, Florida aka my favourite place in the world.

After enduring a nine hour flight from the UK to Orlando on the 2nd of Feb, the family and I finally arrived at the villa and went straight to bed. Damn it was exhausting.

Day 1: okay so I apologise for not taking many photos on day one, but I was concentrating more on my surroundings in person rather than through a camera since I hadn't been on holiday in five years - Yes, five years! The day was pretty simple as we took a three hour trip to Walmart and kinda just chilled by the pool until the evening. At about 4 o'clock we then drove to Disney world and enjoyed the evening in the Magic Kingdom which was beyond beautiful.

Day 2: So here we are today! Today has been amazing, we went to my favourite Disney park; Animal Kingdom for the entire day and I finally got to go on "Expedition Everest" which is definitely one of my favourite rides in the whole park. I thought I'd share some of my photos I took these past two days with you guys, since I think photos explain more than a few words so here ya go:

I look forward to sharing more memories with you guys from this Orlando trip!

Are you going on holiday this year?

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