Turns out I haven't written a monthly favourites post in quite some time - so, congratulations! You get to witness me rambling on about what i've been loving last month in the first monthly faves post
in god knows how long.

I'm still actually kinda shocked about how fast last month went by.. wow.. I travelled to Orlando and spent three weeks in a ton of theme parks and enjoying a heck of a lot of Florida sunshine, spent hours in Sephora crying internally over all of the products I need in my life and possibly *wink wink* picking up the most gorgeous eye palette I've ever seen and planning on featuring it in this very post. Anyways, there's a whole bunch of stuff I want to share with you and pretty much rave on about, so, on with the post shall we?

I'm almost positive that everyone on social media has been freaking out for months over the wait for Rihanna's new album. She finally released ANTI at the end of last month and I'd be lying if I said I haven't been listening to it non stop since. Yeah, I said it and Consideration are definitely my faves. 

Quinoa - 
The majority of you are probably looking at this word like "whaaa?" for those of you who don't know, it's pronounced "keen - wa" not the way it looks when written, BUT i'm not here to talk about the pronunciation of this heavenly food, I'm here to talk about how great it is. I only discovered what quinoa was around a year ago and since then I have absolutely fallen in love with it. Since becoming vegan, I've pretty much been living on it. You can eat this wonderful little bag of grain with near enough anything.

Back to the future -
So I'm not entirely sure how I've gone 16 years of my life without watching these movies (judge me if you dare) - they're so good! I started watching these last month and now I love them, especially the first one!

Victoria's Secret mist - 
It's only right to go into a Victoria's secret store if you're gonna walk out with a body mist or two, right? The pressure really is on when there's a never ending variety to choose from though, like please, chill Victoria. As you can see, I ended up buying Rush which is officially my all time favourite scent, and Dream which smells like watermelon. yum.

Shadowhunters -
Once again Netflix have gone and created a new series to pull me into and become obsessed with. Seriously this show is ruining my life.  no joke. After being a huge fan of The mortal instruments featuring Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins, I was really excited when I heard about this new show. CAN WE TALK ABOUT ALEC THOUGH.

Love - 
Another new Netflix series that I have fallen in love (hahaa, get it) with. This show is really light hearted and definitely scores like a million and one points for being funny. The only thing I can say is, watch it. It's great.

Tarte "Tartelette in bloom" Palette - 
I've never actually owned anything from this brand until now since I swear it's impossible to find here in the UK, so when I took a trip to Sephora whilst in the US, I finally bought this little baby. I was actually planning on purchasing either one of the Kat Von D palettes or the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette, but completely pushed that idea away and got this one because DAMN. I love love love the shades Firecracker and Rebel.

Converse -
ahh what would I do without these life savers. I wore them near enough every day for three weeks straight while I was away as they are the most comfortable shoes ever. They also look great with any outfit.

Beauty Blender - 
So I don't have the official beauty blender, but I heard that Real Techniques had a good dupe and it's incredible. How did I go without it for so long?!

Benefit "Gimme brow" -
I've written a blog post about this product before and I could talk about this for hours, but I won't because that could bore you, so maybe you should just go ahead and click right here and read all about it and how it could change your brow game forever (self promo much??)

Lip balm -
I am that person who owns a million lip balms and still believes that I don't have enough. I probably have like ten sitting in my bag right now that I've completely forgotten about, oops. Last month, I brought two eos lip balms whilst on a trip to walmart. I picked them in the flavours mint and strawberry, I love em'.

Lemon water -
Not only is lemon water great for your skin, it also just tastes really good. I'm not particularly a fan of fruit juice, so I drink water more than anything else (besides coffee), so sometimes it's pretty refreshing to have a little bit of lemon added to it, especially in the mornings.

Subtitles -
If you know me well, you know that I love a good reaction picture, BUT nothing is more satisfying than finding a subtitle picture thingy that you can relate to or one that's just hilarious and makes your day, for example:

Youtubers -
I wouldn't say my favourite youtubers last month were any different from any other month, but I absolutely love Blogilates ran by Cassey Ho. She creates a new workout video every week and I am literally so in love with all of them. I've also been loving MyLifeAsEva and CloeCouture.

What were your February favourites??


  1. Hey! love your post - I'm also a huge gimmme brow fan and avid user of Benefit products :) check my blog out! xx

    1. Thank you! Benefit is one of my favourite brands! of course x