Whether you're having a slightly boring day and want to be more productive or had a bad day at work here are a few ways to make your day just that little bit better.

Go on a walk - if you haven't left your house all day and have an urge to do something, go on a walk. Maybe it's just a quick wander around the block or a full on adventure, go ahead and do it and take someone with you so you can have a good chat, or whip out your headphones and walk alone, the choice is yours.

Cook something - If you're a bad cook like me, learn something new and try following a recipe to create a masterpiece without burning your house down. If you're a pro in the kitchen, try creating a completely new recipe, experiment with a ton of different things! you never know, it could be the nicest food ever or.. it could make you ill... but let's stay positive!

Go shopping - Grab a friend and go on a last minute shopping trip or browse if you're all out of money from your last shopping trip... it happens.

Create a new playlist - I highly recommend an energetic playlist to get you up and moving, maybe have a dance party by yourself in your bedroom and burn off a few calories - that's my workout of the day complete. I've been listening to "Dangerous woman" by Ariana Grande on repeat these past few days, it's so sassy *flips hair*.

Drink lemon water - As soon as you wake up pour yourself a glass of water and add a little lemon. This will make you feel more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Workout - If you're not the dance party alone in your bedroom type of gal, maybe opt for a cardio workout or follow some pilate videos on youtube! this automatically makes my day just that little bit better and I feel really satisfied when I know i've done well.

Take a bath - If you've had a super long day or feel like the world hates you (it doesn't), throw a bath bomb into the tub and watch in amazement as the colours do their thing and go wild. Read a good book or catch up on your favourite series on Netflix. Just take half hour to chill.

Laugh a lot - with the right company you are sure to have a great time and laugh so much your stomach may end up hurting. If you don't want to talk to anyone read a bunch of Tumblr text posts, they're bound to make your day, trust me.

Be creative - paint something, draw a picture or if you're a DIY queen go all out and create something from scratch to add to your home!

Style a new outfit - empty out all of the contents of your wardrobe and create a bunch of new outfits you never thought of before. Maybe even glam it up with some accessories and a new makeup look then write about it in a future blog post!

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