If you know me well then you know music is a massive part of my life and to be completley honest I don't think I could go a day without listening to my favourite bands. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a ton of artists that I had never heard of before, so I spent some time listening to them all and of course, I now consider some of them my favourite musicians.

1. Dan Croll -

I'm actually quite surprised I like this guy as much as I do since his music can be quite different from what I usually listen to. The music behind his voice is truly amazing and chilled. I definitely recommend checking out some of his stuff if you haven't already, his album "sweet disarray" is just so good.

2. Sam Hunt -

I'm pretty sure Sam isn't all too popular here in the UK just yet, since I first heard of him when I was in America last February. His song "Take your time" was always on the radio out there and it's pretty beautiful. My favourite song of his has got to be "cop car", go ahead and listen to it!

3. Glass animals -

Here I am forever wishing that I had heard of this band a long time ago, they're insane! Their song "Cocoa Hooves" has my heart, it gives me chills. They're great to listen to when I'm studying or if I want to listen to something to keep me calm.

4. The airborne toxic event -

These guys are a little more upbeat to the artists I listed above, and definitely something I would usually listen to. "changing" is probably my favourite.

5. The hush sound -

I feel like I have definitely heard of this band before, but never really got into them. I never quite realised how talented they actually are, but I can now say I love them. "we intertwined" is one of my go to happy songs.

6. Cold war kids -

"first" is such an underrated, beautiful song. This band are probably considered one of my top 10 favourite bands as of last week. Please do yourself a favour and listen to them!

More artists I recommend:

- Coast modern
- Bad books
- Bad suns
- Angus and Julia Stone
- Bear hands
- Atlas genius
- Andrew McMahon in the wilderness
- Royal teeth
- Bronze radio return
- Milo Greene
- Homebound
- For all the wrong reasons

what are your favourite artists?

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  1. I literally haven't heard of any of these, I'm going to check them out now!
    Charlotte //