Happy Sunday everyone! Today I wanted to do something a little different to what I usually post. I've decided I want to experiment more with my blog and let you get to know me more in my posts. I've had this blog for two years now and it's definitely time to make some changes - better changes.

I'm not at all an expert in applying makeup, but like a lot of people, it's something I love. Every day it's the same makeup routine, I'm pretty bad at trying out new looks besides the odd eyeshadow change and I really don't go all out with winged eyeliner because that always ends up tragic. If you have the natural talent of perfecting the cat eye liner look, I applaud you.

So after I've moisturised and all that business, I go straight into foundation. Sometimes i'll apply a bit of primer but only when I'm going to be out all day and I want my makeup to stay absolutely perfect. Today I used my Benefit "Hello Flawless" foundation as it has lighter coverage than the Bourjois "healthy mix". I only ever use these two now as I struggle to find foundation that works well with my skin type.

I've been out of concealer for weeks now and still have yet to get a new one, although I've been coping without it just fine! I would usually wear the "wake me up" concealer from Rimmel London as it's super affordable and does the job. In the photos above, I'm not wearing any and it doesn't bother me too much. I'll then apply a light amount of the Rimmel London "Stay Matte" powder, but never too much since it can easily look too heavy. Once I'm done with that, I'll grab my beloved Hoola bronzer from Benefit. This is my favourite beauty product ever and is without a doubt the best bronzer I've used. I'll apply this to my cheekbones, lightly around my nose and then finally on my forehead. I'll often use the highlighter from the Barry M "Chisel cheeks" contour kit as it's a matte powder and can easily be swept over my cheekbones, along my nose, chin and the centre of my forehead. Although I love Benefits "high beam" I find that it can look too glittery in certain lighting, so this palette is better for day-to-day use as it doesn't quite have this effect.

For my brows I always use Benefits "Gimme brow", it was my first gel brow product and I still have yet to find another that could possibly be better. I pair this with any sort of eyebrow pencil just to fill in any gaps that look a bit odd. I'm really not as fussy with my eyebrows as I used to be so I don't spend what used to feel like hours on them anymore.
I have a weakness for eyeshadow palettes so this is a definite must have in every beauty look. Today I used "Tartelette in bloom" from Tarte. I opt for this palette almost every day, it's so so beautiful. My most used shades are Rebel and Firecracker as I often blend these both together. I find that browny red shades can make green eyes stand out a lot, so I like to use these often and it creates an effortlessly pretty eyeshadow look within a minute. I always apply Rebel under my lower lash line and highlight my brow bone with Charmer as well as the inner corner of the lid.

I never tend to stick to using one mascara over a period of time like a normal person, but right now I'm loving "Volumetric lust" from Saturated colour as it gives the perfect amount of volume and length in just one coat.

I've been loving the "Rose tea" lipstick from Estee Lauder for months now and use it everyday as it's nude and can be paired with any makeup look. Honestly, this lipstick isn't the longest lasting, I find that I need to reapply it a lot throughout the day, so if you have any nude lip suggestions, please leave a comment below. If I forget to put a lipstick in my bag when I go out, I always make sure to leave a tinted lip balm in my bag for backup. I'm also a huge lip balm hoarder so there's probably already about three sitting in my bag right now.

What does your everyday makeup look consist of?

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