So, I actually took these photos what feels like ages ago, but still - all of these products have been classed as my skincare saviours for however many months now. I think most drugstore skincare products are underrated considering so many bloggers seem to opt for the higher end choices such as from brands like Clinique, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden etc.. and as great as those brands seem, I thought I would interpret some drugstore beauties for you.

Kiko hydrating mask - This product is ideal for those with normal to dry skin and hydrates the skin perfectly. Like most, you apply a thick layer of the mask onto your face and neck and leave it to do it's thing for 10 -15 minutes then simply remove it by rinsing your face with water. Your face is then left feeling refreshed. simple. For best results, you are instructed to use the mask once or twice a week. For £5.90 this is definitely worth buying.

Dove summer glow - Since I can't find the same product I use anywhere online, I've linked what I believe is the newer version of the product. I love love love this product as it automatically shows a glow on your skin as it builds up the gradual tan. If you live somewhere cold and miserable most of the year like me, but need something to take away the paleness of your body for the summer then this product is like a gift from the gods. 

Estee Lauder advanced night repair - Although this product is more pricey, the quality is incredible. If you prefer high end products to high street, then you're bound to love this. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and my skin feels fresh as soon as I wake up. The price ranges between £50 - £70.

Estee Lauder revitalizing supreme - As you can probably tell, I'm a lover of all things Estee Lauder. oops. This cream can be paired perfectly with the advanced night repair to make your skin feel flawless. This can be used in the mornings and at night so it's a win win. Again, this product is more pricey as it's £70.

Simple sun kissed moisture cream - I took this product with me to America when I was looking slightly pale at the beginning of the holiday and although it didn't make a huge difference, there was still a hint of gradual tan in there and made me feel more confident when I chose not to wear makeup on some days. 

Garnier micellar cleansing water - Of course there was a time when micellar water was all anyone talked about, so here I am doing the same thing. I love this stuff more than most makeup removers and cleansers. I find that this is one of few products that actually removes waterproof mascara without you having to really rub your eyes. This product is really cheap and can be found in literally any drugstore.

Timeless truth charcoal detox brightening mask - I had never tried a cloth mask before this, but I wish I had sooner since they don't create a mess and are just so simple to use. My skin felt super hydrated after using this, it is used to deep cleanse your face and even reduce freckles. You can buy this as a single for £4.90 or a box of 5 for £23.50

B. Pure sensitive Micellar cleansing wipes - I'm usually not the biggest fan of face wipes as I don't like the feeling of my skin afterwards and I feel like they don't remove makeup as well as they say they do, but these cleansing wipes are great. Considering they're only £1 and the brand is cruelty free and all natural, I'm officially in love.

what is your favourite skincare product?

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  1. That Dove summer glow sounds amazing, I definitely need to try that out, and I LOVE the Garnier Micellar water -- I have the waterproof makeup remover one and it's amazing! Great favorites! XO -Kim