Okay, wow. First of all I just want to say that this mascara is now my favourite mascara that I've ever owned and no I'm not exaggerating when I say that at all. I had never heard of Saturated colour until around two months ago in an instagram post. I did a bit of browsing on their website and I was really intrigued by their products so I got in contact and received their Volumetric Lust Volumising Mascara.

My first thoughts when I saw the mascara were that I didn't really like the packaging, but as soon as I applied the mascara, I totally loved the product itself. The wand is brilliant as it fans out my lashes better than any of my other mascaras, which I was actually surprised about since I own a few from high end brands. It's not at all flaky and doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes at all. I usually tend to mix up the mascaras that I use in one look as some are better for volume and others are better for length. I often use this one on it's own as I honestly think it looks great alone, but if I feel that I want even more length I just add my Rimmel London Extra Super Lash.

I would definitley recommend Saturated Colour to anyone that has yet to try their products as all of their products are extremely affordable, cruelty free and great value. I know i'd love to try a few of their Lip Vinyl liquid lipsticks next!

Do you own any Saturated Colour products?

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