If you're trying to find ways to keep your blogging organized with limited time then "5 useful apps for blogging on the go" by The Beaux Diaries could end all your worries! This post has definitely helped me also so I will be following these tips and downloading these apps asap.

Looking for a new summer routine? DizzyBrunette3 has a perfect "Summer beauty routine" which you can read right here

I don't know about you guys, but any time I look at a palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills or Becca I tear up a little on the inside. LPage Beauty shared her "New Palette Additions" in a recent post and to say i'm in love would be an understatement.

Every beauty blogger loves a good highlighter and it's pretty much a fact that there is no limit as to how many you should own. So why not add a few more to your collection with the help from Beauty By Kelsey. "The Super Dewey (maybe kinda sweaty) Highlighters" is a such a great read and is perfect to find that right glow for summer.

Matching two piece sets are beautiful, particularly in the summer as the patterns are always insanely cute! You can read all about this gorgeous set over on Kayleigh Couture.

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to tea as I am more of a coffee person, but although rare, when I find a good iced tea, I want to drink it again and again. As I was scrolling through a few posts on Faring Well, I came across "Stone fruit iced tea w/ lemon & mint" and now I'm really keen to make my own as it looks aMAZING.

I really enjoyed reading Sophie Rosie's "Feeling comfortable in my own skin" post as it shares a motivational message with everyone about how you should love yourself and feel happy with the person that you are. I'd definitely go read it if I were you!

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  1. This was such a helpful post and I really enjoyed reading it. I really enjoyed the highlighter post too :)