Happy Monday everyone! or maybe not so happy Monday, I mean who even likes this day of the week and why does it exist? urgh. Just kidding, we should all be happy since it's summer time and summer equals great times to create the best memories with friends and family! I'm going really off topic right now, wow Shannon..

I actually planned on writing this post wayyy back in December or something and I have no idea what happened there, but it's finally here! time to talk about my favourite beauty staple. my holy grail. my reason for being. my love. my life. my hoola bronzer.

I was introduced to Hoola a few years ago when I was getting more into makeup and dreaming of higher end products. Benefit was one of those brands that everyone at school would talk about the most and everyone wanted to own at least one of their products so they could brag about it. I have used several of their products (see me bragging about it now I can, ha) and none of them have failed to become my favourite beauty products. You can read about my love for "gimme brow" right here, all about the "hello flawless" foundation here, and my "high beam" highlighter here!

This matte bronzer is perfect to create a summer glow or to give your face a bit more colour in the winter. I honestly don't think I could go through any makeup routine without including bronzer and this is without a doubt the best one I've used yet. I find that a lot of high street bronzers don't blend as well as they should, but if anyone disagrees with that and can recommend a cheaper alternative, feel free to comment as I'm open to any suggestions! 

I never stick to using the same brush when it comes to applying Hoola. If i'm focusing on contouring I always opt for a smaller brush, but if I just want more of a bronzed face without having to go through all the efforts of contouring, I use a powder brush to lightly apply around my face, keeping it as natural as I can. Bronzers can easily create harsh lines or make your skin look slightly orange, but I find this one super easy to build up and blend so neither of these things happen at all. For some reason, I always feel more confident when wearing bronzer than when I choose to suffer without it - i can't tell if that's weird or not lol.

It's not hard to notice that Hoola is one of Benefits most popular products as I see people raving about it all the time! This cute little bronzer package includes a small brush and a mirror for on-the-go and you can even get the box personalised, how cute is that?! It is fairly expensive which is literally the only downside to this product at £23.50, so it can easily become a bit pricey if you use it daily, but it is totally worth the price. 

what's your favourite bronzer?

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