I know how easy it is to slip into the routine of missing out workouts for weeks without even realising how long it's been. Thinking that it won't hurt to miss out on just one day of sweating it out, then reaching the next day and thinking the same thing once again. easy right? so here I am to give you a few tips and tricks to stay fit and healthy throughout summer time.

1. Create a workout calendar for the month -
This is probably the best way to keep on track with your workouts. If you don't know how to get one started or don't feel like creating your own, there are so many on the internet to give you inspiration OR you can follow Cassey Ho's (blogilates) monthly workout calendars. I am currently following her July calendar which I will leave down below, but I'm loving it! All of her workouts are so fun and motivating! I would definitley recommend subscribing to her youtube channel if you haven't already.

2. Go on walks -
If you want to get the most out of summer and your fitness then going on walks is the answer. I personally love long walks in the woods as it is more shaded and I don't feel like the sun is out to kill me. Walks along the beach are also beautiful and I find doing this is always really chilled and improves my mood!

3. Stay hydrated -
Probably the most obvious, but drinking a lot of water throughout the day will make you less sluggish and will make you burst with energy, woo! I hate energy drinks full of sugar as we all know they're terrible for us and our skin so I recommend cutting those out if that's how you get your sugar fix.. Infusing water with different fruits is a great way to get creative as well as staying hydrated. I always think mint and cucumber sounds refreshing although I have yet to try that one! I'm planning on writing a post about infused water "recipes" soon so stay tuned!

4. A summer playlist -
Music is the answer to everything, right? tell me i'm right, go on. Happy songs always equals happy vibes and of course that's how we want to feel all the time, not just through summer! You can read my happy playlist here if you want to feel inspired to make your own as well as my workout playlist that you can find here (is it really classed as self promo if it's in your own post though?..)

5. Try new healthy recipes -
Now we're not all professionals when it comes down to cooking, trust me, cooking really isn't my forte, but at least trying is always fun. There are so many healthy alternatives out there, so get rid of all the fatty, sugary foods out of your fridge and replace them with yummy goodness that your body will thank you for! I was really loving smoothie bowls, well that was until I broke the blender the other day.. but they are so so good and easy to make for breakfast. The one above consisted of frozen strawberries and raspberries along with banana, topped with coconut flakes, chia seeds and cacao nibs. It was amazing and very, very filling.

6. Stay productive -
Although I don't see any wrong in spending some time laying in the sun, it's easy to get caught up in doing this daily when the weather is beautiful, wasting your entire day laying down. Try making the most out of summer by doing all the fun activities that you are unable to do outside in the winter when you're trapped inside because of the rain and the cold!

7. Be patient -
Just because it's summer and you want to change your lifestyle, be patient. You don't need to change your daily routine all at once by exercising way more than you should and starving yourself to reach your body goals. Be sensible about it. Exercise at least four or five times a week and stretch for a few minutes every day. Don't cut out everything from your diet just because you think it's bad for you, do it gradually and before you know it, you'll be feeling great!

I hope these tips helped a little bit to keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy this summer. Leave a comment if there are any other tips that you can recommend!

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