Yesterday I received a gift from Scrub Love, a brand that I have been a little bit too obsessed with on social media, like hello, coffee body scrubs? sounds perfect right? I've been wanting to try their range of products for quite some time now and have only ever heard good things about the results from their products, plus they're 100% natural and vegan which is a huge bonus.

I reached out to Scrub Love around a week ago and they told me that they were happy to send me one of their scrubs. I had no idea which scrub I would be receiving, but that was totally okay since they all sounded equally as great. I ended up getting their Coconut Affair scrub and had to resist the urge to rip open the packet as soon as I saw it so I could take a photo without it being ruined..

I used the scrub for the first time this morning and although my bathroom looked like a complete mess by the end of it, it was completely worth it! I smelt (and still do) like a caffeinated coconut goddess -  I'm pretty sure that's not a thing, but it sure is now. I'm serious, this stuff is a gift from the gods.

I'm really happy about all of the ingredients used to make this product as like I said, they are all 100% natural. These include:

- Roast Organic Coffee
- Organic Coconut Flakes
- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
- Baobab Oil
- Coconut Milk

The coffee is used to exfoliate the skin enough to make you feel amazing as well as targeting stretch marks, cellulite, acne and getting rid of any blemishes. I honestly thought that this scrub was incredible and I've only used it once, how amazing is that?! Coconut Affair left my skin feeling really soft and my face glowing, also smelling beautiful. You can read more on the benefits of these ingredients on their website right here.

Overall, I was not disappointed with this product one bit and I never want the bag of all this goodness to end! I definitely want to try the other two scrubs "original lovin'" and "mint temptation" as soon as possible as this one was gorgeous. Also, the packaging was super cute which made me even happier.

Have you tried Scrub Love products?


  1. I cant believe I havent tried a coffee scrub yet! I love anything involving coffee, haha!! X

    1. I do too, that's why I wanted to try it so much! x

  2. Love how they use all natural ingredients. Never tried a scrub like this before but definitely will one day. Looks so good!

    Natasha | The Night is Wild