I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read and gush over some new photography skills, but I always come back to the same blogs that I've been reading for a long time that never get old, so why not share them with you lovely lot?

photo credit: Jemma
I discovered Jemma's blog fairly recently and it's adorable! Her style is so different compared to most of the blogs that I follow and her uniqueness is what I love most about it. Her photos always grab my attention when i'm scrolling through bloglovin' due to the bright pop of colour and it makes me want to read the post instantly.

photo credit: Elsie and Emma

Possibly my favourite blog everrr! Elsie and Emma never fail to make their blog look beautiful as well as writing consistent flawless content. A beautiful mess has been one of my most favourite blogs to read ever since I started my blog back in 2014 and continues to inspire me with writing every day.

photo credit: Free People Blog

There is no denying how obsessed I am with the clothing brand, Free People, but ever since I discovered their blog i'm pretty sure I've been stalking it every day.. Every single time I take a look at the free people blog it makes me happy as I find their writing so motivational and uplifting in each post. Boho is without a doubt my favourite style so is there really any questioning as to why I love this brand so much? 

photo credit: Visa Lom

Visa Lom runs a personal style blog which I could go on and on about. Her style is absolutely stunning and the photo above shows one of my favourite outfits. See how effortless it is? Although there is never really much writing in her posts, the image of her outfit says it all. I'm sat here crushing on all of her outfits right now, I NEED THEM ALL. 

photo credit: Jasmine

I have been following Jasmine for what feels like forever! It's crazy seeing how much her following has increased since I started following her, but she definitely deserves as much attention as she can get to her blog as it is stunning. I can always spot Jasmine's photos from a mile off whether I'm scrolling through instagram or bloglovin', as soon as I see a photo with a marble base and warm toned products I know Jasmine has uploaded it!

photo credit: Kelsey

Kelsey is definitely one of my favourite bloggers when it comes down to writing as it is always written professionally with a lot of detail. I love knowing a lot about a certain product and Kelsey always manages to describe it perfectly. Also, her makeup looks never fail to amaze me.

photo credit: Amelia

I have major style envy over literally all of Amelia's outfit posts, they're all stunning and most of her recent outfits include a bohemian vibe which gives me the biggest heart eyes ever. She also runs a youtube channel which is equally just as cute as her blog!

photo credit: Taylor and Elaine

I always enjoy reading travel blogs as I can see travelling being a big part of my life some day in the near future and Taylor and Elaine always make me dream of the same places they have travelled to in their posts. One of their latest posts, "The best girls weekend in sunny Osoyoos, BC" makes me want to go there so badly!

There are so many blogs out there that I enjoy reading, it was really hard to name only 8, but if you can suggest any blogs that you love down below then I will definitely go and check them out!

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