Now that a new season has arrived it's time to start new trends and write new blog posts to get us through these colder months. I still can't face the fact that summer is over, but the thought of cuddling up with a blanket with the fire going, drinking hot chocolate and watching episodes of full house in the evening does sound pleasing.

I tend to have writers block pretty often so I thought i'd give us all a few autumnal blog post ideas to keep our lack of inspiration at bay and get our blogging game on.

Fashion -

1.The perfect coat wishlist
2. A/W trends you love
3. A/W trends you dislike
4. How to style a certain item
5. Your favourite winter shoes
6. Your payday wishlist
7. Pinterest style inspiration
8. Your favourite knitwear
9. Brand focus e.g. your favourite items from h&m
10. The best basics for Autumn
11. Halloween costume ideas
12. High end / high street fashion wishlist
13. Current sales and offers
14. Your favourite minimal accessories
15. Clothing brands that deserve more recognition
16. Your favourite celebrity styles
17. Fashion week favourites

Beauty  -

1. Everyday Autumn makeup
2. Updated skincare routine
3. Autumn beauty haul
4. Must have gold eyeshadows
5. How to get the perfect glow
6. DIY face masks
7. Best of berry lipsticks
8. Halloween makeup routine
9. Halloween makeup look under £10
10. Best of blushers
11. Smokey eye makeup look
12. How to wear burgundy eyeshadow
13. Drugstore autumn makeup
14. A/W beauty trends you love / hate
15. High end makeup wishlist
16. The best makeup dupes
17. Your five product face
18. List of products you will always repurchase
19. Product empties
20. Celebrity inspired makeup
21. Upcoming beauty trends
22. Beauty brands you want to try
23. An entire brand makeup look e.g Benefit
24. Interesting makeup storage ideas
25. Tackling a makeup trend e.g strobing
26. Your "no makeup" makeup
27. Tips to make your makeup last longer
28. How to clean your makeup brushes
29. An insight into makeup expiry dates
30. Your go to skincare products for breakouts
31. Whats in your makeup bag: autumn edition
32. A lush haul
33. Your pamper routine for a cosy night in
34. Get ready with me for occasions e.g. lazy day, brunch, party etc..
35. How to build the perfect eye palette

Lifestyle -

1. Instagram roundup
2. Top 10 places you want to visit
3. Your favourite things about Autumn
4. What you don't like about Autumn
5. Autumn playlist
6. How to stay motivated during the colder months
7. Workout routine for winter
8. Your current favourite apps
9. Autumnal photo props / background ideas
10. Must watch movies on netflix
11. The best netflix originals
12. What to do on a rainy day
13. Your favourite candles (candle haul maybe??)
14. Healthy snack ideas to stop comfort eating in winter
15. Books to read this autumn
16. A weekend / travel photo diary
17. A warming recipe if you feel like baking
18. Goals you hope to achieve by the end of Autumn
19. How you got into blogging
20. Your favourite bloggers
21. Autumn mood board
22. Five things your readers don't know about you
23. Essential blogging equipment e.g notebook, camera
24. Advice you would give to new bloggers
25. Autumn morning routine
26. What you eat in a day
27. Random favourites
28. Not so spooky halloween movies

I hope these helped you feel inspired, now go get writing!

Shannon x

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