I've never been someone to keep repurchasing the same skincare products so finding new brands and new products to experiment with is always fun. When I found out about Weleda skincare, I instantly knew I wanted to try something from their range as I had heard only good things about their "skin food" mainly from instagram and other blog posts. Skin food seems to be their best selling product so of course I was keen to try it as soon as possible.

When I recieved Skin Food in the post, I certainly wasn't disappointed. The packaging was simple, but cute with the green relating back to nature which is what the brand is all about since they started back in 1926. All of their products contain natural, raw ingredients to keep your skin as healthy as possible, It's pretty amazing really.

I applied this product to my face the morning after I had received it and my skin felt hydrated throughout the entire day without having to apply it several times as instructed. The only downfall for this product is that it can feel quite heavy as soon as it is applied which isn't something we all want if being applied in the morning, so I would advise not to apply this if you're planning on doing your makeup shortly afterwards. If you don't feel like applying the moisturiser on your face it still does wonders on places like your hands, elbows and feet. Literally anywhere that your skin isn't feeling soft and hydrated. 

I did notice a natural glow to my face within a couple of days of using this moisturizer which I don't find very often when using others from different highstreet brands, so Weleda definitley score points for that one. If you're looking for new skincare products to try out, I would instantly recommend Weleda as their products are pretty special and won't disappoint. Everything that the brand states that this product can do is 100% true and is also super affordable. 

You can find Skin Food here for just £9.95.

Have you tried Weleda products?

shannon x 

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