Autumn / Winter is the time for warmer eyeshadow tones, berry lips, you know the drill. Honestly every time I see an autumnal eyeshadow palette on the shelves or online I just know I need it, I mean you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes even if they do look the same as the last four that you bought.. (kylies "burgundy palette" is everything though, serious heart eyes) I'm very aware that I don't apply eyeshadow like a god or contour like an instagram beauty queen, but a girl can try, so i'm gonna talk to you lovely lil' people about my go to Autumn makeup routine because why the hell not.

1. Prime 
After I've moisturised and all that jazz, it's time to move onto priming. I love this step simply because I like to feel how soft my face is afterwards, it's so good omg. My all time favourite / go - to primer is The Body Shop "Insta Blur". I've featured this many a time on my blog, but I have never found one as brilliant as this one. I apply only a small amount of this onto my face and rub it in circular motions until my skin feels silky. 

2. Concealer
I always apply concealer before foundation, it always feels less heavy on my face this way for some reason, especially under my eyes. I have yet to find a concealer that I really love (If you have any suggestions please leave a comment) but recently I have been using the Kiko "Natural Concealer" in the shade 05. Like I said, i'm still looking for one that I love, but for now this one is doing okay! 

3. Foundation
I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the water foundation from Tarte as it sounds like a gift from the gods, but Benefit "hello flawless" never disappoints! I always use a beauty blender for foundation and I genuinely don't know what I would do without it anymore as I find brushes never blend quite as good. 

4. Highlight
I've only ever used the Benefit "highbeam" highlighter which is brilliant, but can sometimes be slightly too shimmery. I apply this on my cheekbones, the end of the nose, my cupids bow and on my brow bone. Literally all of the Jefree Star highlighters are on my wishlist as they all look perfect and would make a great addition to my makeup collection ;)

5. Powder
I'm super picky when it comes to powder as I hate my face feeling too cakey otherwise it bothers me the entire day. I've actually found that the highlighter from the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour palette can be used as a powder, the coverage is amazing and it's not light enough to be a highlighter on my skin tone. 

6. Bronzer
Benefit Hoola is forever my favourite bronzer, it blends perfectly and never creates harsh lines. I could go on about how much I love this bronzer for hours, but I have yet to find one that is as good as this one if not better. I always love how this looks after it's been applied onto my cheekbones, around my nose and around my forehead with a medium sized brush. I then use a powder brush to blend everything on my face together so it looks more natural and then finally the base of my face is complete. 

7. Brows
There's something therapeutic about doing my eyebrows, am I the only one? My go to brow products are the Sleek brow kit in "dark" and the Benefit "Gimme brow".  I use the wax in the brow kit to line my eyebrows and fill in around the ends and use the powder to fill in gently without my eyebrows looking too harsh. I then use "gimme brow" to set the look in place as well as slightly tinting my eyebrows a bit more.

8.eyeshadow primer 
Sometimes I'll use the same primer as the one I listed above for my face, but I recently received the w7 "eye got the power" eyeshadow primer which I'm lovinggg. The formula is shimmery and creamy with a gold tint, but once blended onto your eyes, it looks pretty dreamy.

9. Eyeshadow base 
I've recently started using the Mac "Arena" eyeshadow as my base, it's highly pigmented and blends well, it can also be worn alone for a more natural "no makeup" makeup look, but I enjoy using this as my base colour when using more shades. 

10. Eyeshadow
My holy grail eyeshadow palette will always be the Tartelette in bloom palette from Tarte. As many of you probably already know, this palette blew up everywhere with huge demand like the Urban Decay Naked palettes and I'm so glad I got mine as soon as it came out! I haven't stopped using it since and it still looks untouched even though I've been using it near enough every day for the past 8 months. I tend to use "sweetheart" all over my lid and work "rebel" into the crease. I usually keep my eyes matte for a casual daytime look, but if I want a bit of shimmer i'll add "firecracker" on top of my lid and blend everything together with a small fluffy brush. I then add the lightest colour in the palette "Charmer" into the corner of my eyes to make them pop and appear more brighter. It's crucial that I add colour underneath my eyes and I usually go for "rebel", the same shade I used in my crease. If I'm feeling it, I will add "activist" to my look for a more smokey effect rather than using eyeliner. This always results in a nice autumnal makeup look that I love.

11. Mascara 
My favourite mascara is the Estee Lauder sumptuous extreme in "extreme black", with a few coats of this, it creates the perfect amount of both volume and length. I like to use waterproof mascara for my lower lashes to stop any black marks going under my eyes throughout the day. I try not to do too many layers of mascara otherwise my lashes end up looking like spider legs.

12. Lips
Of course you can't forget about the lips. I never fail to use lip balm, it is my number one beauty essential so grabbing my favourite eos balm is the first thing I do! I then apply the Kiko "Natural Neige" for a nude lip as the main focus of this look is my eyes.

I'm really hoping I didn't forget to list anything, but I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any concealer recommendations please leave a comment, I would really appreciate it.

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