If you are a fan of Disney then you will no doubt love this collection brought to you by Lazy Oaf. As we all know, Lazy Oaf is not the "average" brand - all of their clothing is bright colours and interesting styles, which makes them unique and pretty amazing. When I found out that Lazy Oaf had created a new Disney range I had to check it out straight away. Although personally I wouldn't wear all of these pieces, I thought they were gorgeous in their own way and had to share my favourites with you all!

These three items were my favourite from the entire collection so naturally I wanted to talk about these first. I love that they are all simple yet unique and are something that I would actually wear. The Mickey Mouse cap would go well with so many casual outfits and is the cheapest item in the collection at £20.
I noticed that the 101 Dalmatians Puppy Love Sweatshirt was the most popular in the range as it is currently out of stock on Asos, although hopefully it will be back in no time! I love how subtle this sweatshirt is and would also look great with any outfit. You can find this sweatshirt for £65.
Okay but seriously, how cute is this Aristocats Denim Jacket?! It's definitely one of the most expensive items at £145, but the pastel pink details makes me love it even more.

This 101 Dalmatians Puppy Dress was the first item that caught my eye when I first saw the collection. Although it's simple, the embroidered details on the collar give it a magical Disney vibe which is what we are all after of course. You can find this dress on the Lazy Oaf website for £75.
I love this Mickey Mouse Baby Rib Stripe T-Shirt as high neck tees are everywhere right now, but the Mickey Mouse embroidered detail is subtle and something that I would definitely purchase. You can find this here for £38.
The faux fur Mickey Mouse Backpack is possibly one of the cutest bags I've ever seen. You can find this on Asos or Lazy Oaf for £65.
These were just a few of my favourite pieces from the Disney collection, but you can find many more here.

what is your favourite item?

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  1. THis collab is seriously so cute! I love all the Mickey pieces-- that backpack is soo adorable :D

    Mili | Sharmtoaster