Everyone needs a break sometimes, whether that's from work, school or other day to day activities. Now that winter is approaching and Christmas is almost here (the excitement is unreal), cozy days are almost essential. Now go grab yourself a cup of coffee, chuck on some pyjamas and get in that lazy day mind set, you deserve a break.

If I'm having a lazy day I like to lay in a little later than usual, definitely no earlier than 9am. I'll always find myself scrolling through social media, blog posts and catching up on a few youtube videos. Right now my favourite youtubers are Kalyn Nicholson and Mel Joy. Eventually I'll decide to drag myself out of bed, throw on some slipper boots and go downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee, turn on my laptop and have a look through pinterest which I am currently obsessed with. 

I'm never really hungry as soon as I wake up so I give it a while before I start making breakfast / brunch. but by around 11 am - 12 I might make myself a quick smoothie or something simple like toast. I am currently loving a smoothie recipe from Ella Woodward's cookbook "Deliciously Ella, every day" it's really quick and easy and is also my absolute favourite go to breakfast.
You just need to combine these ingredients in a high speed blender:

one ripe banana (I like to put this in the freezer the night before so the smoothie is more like an ice cream consistency, trust me it's great)
handful of frozen berries
large handful of rolled oats
150ml plant - based milk
small handful of cashews
1 tsp tahini
I then like to run a bath preferably with a bath bomb from Lush since they are pretty damn beautiful. My favourite bath bomb has always been "twilight" so if i'm using that one, i'm super happy. Twilight has a lavender scent so it's perfect for a sleepy, chilled out day / evening. If you want to go all out, I suggest using a bath oil, throwing on some body scrub, a body conditioner, the lot. You can read my latest post all about the Lush Bella Fruta gift box here if you want some new treats for your skin, plus they're all vegan friendly. just throwing that out there.

What is a lazy day without binge watching a series on Netflix? I strongly recommend watching Gilmore Girls or Shameless for something easy watching and funny or if you feel like getting into a realllll good show then The Vampire Diaries is an absolute must. If you don't feel like sitting around on this particular lazy day, then baking is never a bad idea, well that is unless you're likely to burn your house down..

Candles are a must every day of winter but when it's a lazy day it is absolute essential that I light one. I'm not fussy about the type of scent I like, but something between sweet and musky is perfect. Nothing too strong but nothing too sickly. I am forever wishing that we had a Bath and Body Works in the UK, but instead we have to deal with the dreaded overpriced shipping / customs.. sigh.. But now we have reached this wonderful time of the year the christmas Yankee Candles are my weakness, particularly "Christmas Eve", it's my all time favourite candle like I can't even explain how much I love it but omg it's insane.

Cozying up by the fire with a book is the best way to chill out during the evening, but if you're not a book lover then what's the harm in watching more tv shows? i mean let's be honest, they're pretty addictive. Instead of drinking coffee in the evenings, i sometimes (although very rarely) make myself a hot chocolate. I found a really great recipe to make the perfect vegan hot chocolate by Minimalist Baker which you can find here. I also find that if you want a spicy kick to it then adding nutmeg, cinnamon and a tiny bit of maca powder can be perfect, but either way this recipe is great.

Before heading to bed I sometimes follow a few easy relaxing / stretching videos from Blogilates on youtube to stretch my muscles as I have barely moved all day and sitting infront of a laptop for a long duration isn't going to do your posture any good. Casey's videos are so relaxing and make you feel amazing afterwards. After following these videos I like to do my usual night skincare routine, check up on emails and scroll through social media on my phone before shutting everything off and having a good nights sleep.

How do you like to spend your lazy days?


  1. These pictures are so cute. I LOVE candles and I totally get what you mean when you say you wish we had a Bath and Body works in the UK becasue all their candles look so lovely. Need to try that recipe.

    1. Thank you! I'll be so happy the day that we finally get Bath and Body Works here omg.