First off, I hope you had a very merry christmas! It feels like christmas was over and done with so fast and now I'm so sad it's over :( anyways, I find it funny how in my last post I mentioned this product in my current beauty wishlist and boom here it is. in real life. in my hands. my life is complete.

Jeffree Star products are all over social media right now and if you're not in on the craze then you definitley should be! I love how unique Jeffree's brand is, with all the crazy coloured products he creates (like can we talk about the black highlighter??), it makes his brand stand out from the rest, not to mention the packaging of his products, it's so perfect.

I've been obsessing over his skin frost highlighters ever since he first started releasing them, but because of shipping expenses I decided I wouldn't bother.. that was until I found out some of his products were on Beauty Bay, which meant I definitley needed at least one. Just before christmas I checked which highlighters were in stock on Beauty Bay and although there was only "mint condition" and "peach goddess" I had been planning on getting peach goddess first anyways so of course I asked for this one for christmas. I was no way expecting to actually receive this for christmas, but I am so happy and grateful that I did because let me tell you, this product is a dream.

I can't believe how reasonable the prices of his products are for such high quality, his highlighters are around £25 and they're huge! The pigmentation of peach goddess is incredible, but is supposedly aimed at light to medium skin tones for a peachy / champagne glow. I love how with just one stroke of this on the cheekbone is enough, no need to keep trying to build it up to create the perfect shine.
I have been using this for three days now and I can't even tell you how much I love it. I'm super picky when it comes down to highlighters because I find that most high street powder highlighters don't actually do anything and can be a waste of money, so now I have this one in my life I won't be needing a new one for quite some time. I prefer using this highlighter to my liquid "high beam" from Benefit as you can put it on your nose, cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow - literally anywhere, without it ruining your foundation where as I find that liquid highlighters can be ruined if I am using finishing powders because when the two are combined it turns out horrible on my skin. I will definitley be repurchasing from Jeffree Star in the future and I can't wait to get my hands on a few of his liquid lipsticks.

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics?



  1. This highlighter looks STUNNING! I've been meaning to try some of his Skin Frosts for the longest time. Great to hear they live up to their hype.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. I can't recommend this one enough! I really want "ice cold" next, it looks gorgeous x

  2. Sadly, I haven't tried anything from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but surely his products are in my wishlist.

    1. I'm keen to try out his liquid lipsticks, they seem to be hyped up about a lot so they're definitley on my wish list x

  3. This looks and sounds great! You've definitely tempted me to pick up a Jeffree Star highlighter for sure xo

    Char |

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