As a person who adores anything and everything Lush related, I was so happy to receive a gift set for my birthday and of course, naturally I wanted to write a first impressions post for all of my other fellow lush lovers or first time buyers who want to join the hype. I had never owned one of the gift sets before Bella Fruta so I couldn't wait to see what lovely things were inside,

Literally before you even open the wrapping around the box you can smell the tropical / fruity scent that I immediately fell in love with. The mix of everything is truly amazing. There were six products within the box, all of them being used for different things. I had tried the Avobath bath bomb in the past, but is still an all time favourite that I will forever repurchase whenever I need my mood to be lifted and to feel refreshed. With the mix of lemongrass, bergamot, avocado and olive oil your skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated, plus your bath looks pretty cool with the water turning green. This bath bomb is usually overlooked as it's not sparkly or multicoloured and although those kind of bath bombs look great on Instagram, this one does wonders to the skin leaving any signs of dry skin behind. The second product that caught my eye was the red fun bar, I've never used any of the fun bars before, but I can't wait to try this one out really soon! The smell is fruity (obviously) with a mix of orange oil and mandarin oil to make your skin feel refreshed. I'm interested in the results I might get from this product as it can be used for so many different things ranging from solid shampoo, a bubble bar or soap. You can also purchase the fun bar in five different colours so I look forward to trying those eventually too. Another bath based product in the box was the "You've been mangoed" bath oil. I used this along with the Avobath bath bomb as I heard that they are great combined since the smells are pretty much identical with similar ingredients. This bath oil left my skin feeling so soft! and is such a bargain at £2 when you buy it alone. If you don't plan on washing your hair after using this product I recommend pinning it back as it's no surprise that bath oils can make your hair feel greasy, but other than this, I loved the feeling of my skin after my bath.

I love bubble bars so I was happy when I noticed "Brightside" in the box. This uplifting citrus bubble bar is honestly wonderful and I can't wait to repurchase it. The scent is enough to make your mood feel brighter along with the feeling of your skin. This bubble bar is perfect for a cosy night in or pamper night with plentyyy of bubbles to make you feel great. One of the last products in the box was the "layer cake" soap. This is the sort of product I usually forget about when I walk into Lush so it was nice to have something a little different within the gift set as I would often aim to buy bath bombs / bubble bars. The scent smells just like one of the shower jelly's with ingredients such as blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, orange and grape juice. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of this bar and it's definitely something I would repurchase. The final product was the African Paradise body conditioner and oh. my. god. I love it. My skin felt incredibly smooth after just one use and I never want this little tub to end! The smell is not something I thought I would like but it has certainly grown on me with the mix of floral, spicy and sweet scents. With ingredients such as Shea butter, almond oil and cocoa butter it's no surprise my skin felt soft and nourished.

Overall, I really love all of these products and would recommend them to anyone if you're looking for a citrus or uplifting scent to fill your bathroom and hydrate your skin. This would also be a perfect Christmas gift / secret santa idea.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Great haul! I haven't tried any of these but a lot of them are on my wish list :) This would definitely make for a perfect Christmas gift!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster