Morning - A word many people dislike, but probably shouldn't.. Mornings can be pretty rough for some, a huge majority would rather be tucked up in bed sleeping in until midday and not getting anything done (literally all of us at some stage let's be real). But hey, I thought i'd share a few tips to becoming the morning person we can all be if we put a little bit of effort into it.

Skip the snooze -
This is possibly one of the worst things you can do in the morning, pressing snooze and regretting it a while on when you're running late for work all because you wanted just "five more minutes". Pick a wake up time and stick to it and soon enough you'll be up at that same time every morning without feeling sluggish, it'll become normal and you'll feel so much better. Set one alarm and stick to it.

Cold water -
As soon as you get yourself out of bed,pour yourself a glass of cold water and it will wake you up in no time. Doing so will increase the amount of natural energy throughout the morning without relying on coffee which will just dehydrate you as soon as you wake up (we'll just forget that i'm drinking coffee in the photo above though, haha.. ). Drinking cold water will also flush out any nasty toxins in your body and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Work out first thing -
Although this may be hard for those that have to be up early for work and simply don't have enough time in the mornings as it is to work out, whenever you have the chance try working out as soon as you wake up. This will boost your energy all day and you won't have to pull the "oh it's 6pm.. too late to work out now" excuse again. The thought of working out first thing doesn't sound like much fun, but once you tell yourself you can do it each morning it becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Home workouts can also be just as fun as going to the gym, you just have to give yourself a boost of motivation.

Protein based breakfasts -
I've never been much of a breakfast lover myself, but whenever I put in a bit of effort in the mornings to make myself something packed with nutrition my day feels a whole lot better as my energy levels are where they should be. Now you don't have to go all out and buy all those fancy superfood powders and foods you've never even heard of before to get the right amount of protein in the mornings. You can create something simple with oats, berries and soy milk, it's super easy.

Music -
If you really want to boost your mood in the mornings why not allow yourself to have a little dance party in the kitchen while you make your breakfast?? I always feel a lot more productive when I have music on whether thats quietly playing in the background or full blast with my headphones in, either way it makes me happier and I get all that needs doing, done. Right now I've been loving Little Mix's new album to give me that boost I need while I'm getting ready for the day or if I want to listen to something more chilled I rely on EXES.

Are you a morning person?

Shannon x

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