Having time to focus on self care is essential and with things like social media sometimes we forget about having that time to ourselves that we all need. I thought i'd share with all of you my top 30 small steps towards self care with things as simple as cozying up with your blanket. You should never be afraid to take time out and concentrate on your own mind and do things for yourself. Taking time out to focus on self care isn't an act of selfishness, you just start to realise things and set standards for how you want to be treated by others and how you should learn to treat yourself. 

  1. light your favourite candle.
  2. go for a long walk
  3. have a mini declutter session.
  4. paint something expressing your mood.
  5. bake cookies.
  6. run a bath with your favourite bath oil / bath bomb.
  7. wake up early and sit outside with a big blanket and a cup of coffee.
  8. read your favourite book for the 100th time.
  9. take a nap.
  10. cuddle your cat or dog.
  11. do yoga.
  12. make your favourite cup of herbal tea.
  13. set yourself goals  - long term or short term.
  14. create a vision board for yourself.
  15. try to stay off of social media for a day every week.
  16. lay on your bed and listen to your favourite music and just chill.
  17. eat more veggies.
  18. drink more water.
  19. apply a face mask.
  20. buy yourself some flowers.
  21. go to an art gallery.
  22. have a "me" day.
  23. write a list of things you love.
  24. try new recipes.
  25. binge watch your favourite tv show.
  26. order take out and have a movie night with friends.
  27. properly cleanse your face and moisturise.
  28. take time to work out.
  29. organize your wardrobe.
  30. explore new places often.

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