Who doesn't love a pamper night or a lazy sunday where you can relax and make yourself feel totally gorgeous? I am a huge lover of piling my skin up with a bunch of beautiful ingredients and I swear I own more skincare products than I do makeup, I know, unbelievable right? My favourite skincare products list could take forever to get through so I thought i'd round up just a few of my absolute favourites that I will always repurchase and share them with you today. I 100% recommend trying any of these products as they are all super affordable and do wonders for your skin.

Scrub Love "coconut affair" coffee scrub
There's no denying that I am crazy for coffee scrubs, the scent, the texture of them, the feeling of freshness afterwards. They're just perfect. For some reason this coconut coffee scrub reminds me of summer which makes me love it twice as much. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who loves a good body scrub or has yet to try one! You can read my full review of this product here.

Lush "african paradise" body conditioner 
Honestly, who doesn't love Lush? all of their products are cruelty free and incredible. This body conditioner is made up of almond and moringa oils, shea butter, fresh mango juice which is used to brighten the skin and aloe to cool and soothe. At first I was unsure about the scent as I don't usually like the smell of almond, but it grew on me a lot and I before I knew it I was suddenly obsessed, oops.

The Body Shop nutriganics refreshing toner
I bought a mini version of this toner as it was the first time trying it out, but I now regret not getting the bigger bottle! It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth and is also perfect for my slightly sensitive skin. I use this in my usual morning and night routine so will definitley be repurchasing as soon as i'm out of it.

The Body Shop Seaweed mattifying day cream
I bought this day cream the same day I brought the nutriganics toner and again, bought the trial size as it was my first time trying the product. I absolutely love the fresh scent that this cream has and leaves my skin feeling beautiful throughout the day. I couldn't recommend this enough!

The Body Shop spa of the world Japanese Camellia Cream
Are you noticing The Body Shop pattern yet.. I'm not exaggerating at all, but this body cream is the best to ever exist, oh my. I had my eye on their spa of the world range for quite some time before I actually got this particular cream. For ages I was opting between the Japanese or the Hawaiian cream as both of the scents were so dreamy. The scent lasts all day on your body and I can't wait to start using it throughout the summer as it will leave me feeling more refreshed. Please do your skin a favour and buy this velvet-like body cream.

Lush "twilight" bath bomb 
Twilight has always been my go - to bath bomb from lush for years and my bath is constantly calling it's name. This is the perfect bath bomb to use in the evening when you want to wind down and close your eyes at the end of a long day. The lavender scent makes you feel sleepy and ready for a good nights rest, perfect for if you've been feeling stressed. Not only does this form the prettiest patterns and colours in your bath, but it soothes your skin like no other.

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. These all look gorgeous! The seaweed mattifying day cream sounds like the product I need most though, thank you for sharing. Fantastic post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you! The seaweed mattifying day cream is definitely worth the purchase, it's also really affordable x