I think we're all guilty of making a new years resolution to start working out more and eat healthier in the new year and suddenly before you know it, all good intentions are thrown out of the window after a few weeks / months and you end up stuck in a rut. Seriously we've all been there, don't feel bad about it. I've been really interested in looking into fitness and nutrition lately so please don't hate me too much for the huge pile of blog posts I have lined up around both subjects.. anywaaaay, I've been really getting back into exercise lately and I've been finding new workouts that I am loving, so I thought i'd share some tips with you lovely lot on how to motivate yourself to get up from that sofa and stay fit and healthy for good!

Create A Playlist - This is without fail one of the first things I do to motivate myself to work out again after having more time off than I should be having.. create a playlist that will make you feel like you want to get up and dance and you'll be good to go! I love throwing a bit of Beyonce and Kehlani into my playlist as they make me feel just that bit sassier and make me kick some butt when I workout. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Workout Gear - okay so I'm not telling you to splash out on any designer sports brands that will suddenly make you want to work out, but if you can get hold of any gym gear from high street shops like Primark or even if you have a pair of leggings and a baggy tshirt at home it will give you a bit more encouragement to work out. I always feel like as soon as I put on my workout gear I make myself feel like I HAVE to workout even if i'm feeling too lazy, I end up doing it anyway and end up feeling amazingly satisfied afterwards.

Motivation Quotes - 99.9% of us are probably guilty of scrolling through instagram and ending up on a model's page and feeling bad about ourselves, right? I know I'm sure as hell guilty of it every now and then. I think the biggest question is simply "why?" why do we allow ourselves to feel bad about our bodies just because we think someone else has the perfect abs or perfectly toned legs? We're all different, but we're all equally just as beautiful, but if you feel like you want to feel better about yourself then it's simply down to your own actions. put in the effort, put in the work and you'll feel fab in no time! scrolling through pinterest and seeing motivational quotes always help encourage me to work out even when I really don't feel like it.

The Food You Eat - If you're eating foods that you clearly know aren't doing your body any favours, switch them up for something that's going to give you energy and feel good! A healthy lifestyle is made up of 70% healthy eating and 30% exercising so remember that next time you think of reaching for that cheeky family size bar of chocolate. Think about the things you're eating and how it's going to treat your body. Love pizza? don't worry, you don't have to give it up. Just make your own with healthier alternative. Cut down on the amount of cheese you're adding to the base or don't add any at all (it's just as yummy I promise), add some colourful veggies and tomato puree and boom, healthy pizza complete. You can also find so many healthy snack ideas online, put the effort in and you'll get the results you want!

Remember Why You Started - Every time I feel like I can't motivate myself to get up and moving I remember why I started. I remember the times that I put on a pair of shorts and felt uncomfortable wearing them because they didn't look as good as I wished they would or I remember the feeling that I get whilst working out and how much I love it and suddenly I feel bad for not working out.

Challenge Yourself - No ones forcing you to spend hours at the gym straight away, start with beginners workouts and ease yourself into a routine. Maybe add something new to your workouts each week, challenge yourself to do another set if you're into circuit training, do 2 minutes extra of burpees or do a few extra squats. you got this!



  1. Ah I definitely needed to read this post, I was so good at working out this time last year but I have just given up recently and cannot seem to find any motivation at all! By the way I am completely in love with your blog here, well done on all your hard work with it! x

    1. I'm glad this post could help you! I hate it when I lose motivation to work out so i'm always trying to find new ways to encourage myself! Thank you so much x

  2. Love this post, I think music is so important- I cant workout unless I have music! x

    1. Thank you Lexie, Music is definitley a must! x

  3. Get more motivation to exercise because you are combining something you maybe don't like with something you do like.