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If you're struggling with writers block, I hope this post helps you with some new ideas. To make this a bit easier, I've separated these ideas into the following categories: beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food & blogging. Leave a comment below if you liked any of these ideas!


  1. Favourite / holy grail products round up
  2. Makeup wish list
  3. Current favourite beauty trends
  4. Current beauty trends you don't like
  5. Everyday makeup look
  6. Date night makeup look
  7. Quick n' easy makeup and hair look
  8. Share your favourite highlighters
  9. "Fresh face" makeup look
  10. Try a skincare diy and share the results!
  11. Whats in my makeup bag
  12. Tips on cleaning out your makeup collection
  13. Favourite fragrence
  14. Monthly favourites
  15. Nail routine
  16. Roundup of your favourite beauty bloggers / vloggers
  17. Hair care routine
  18. Share your favourite makeup dupes
  19. Try a new subscription box and share your thoughts
  20. Review a new product that no ones talking about yet
  21. Summer skincare favourites
  22. Winter skincare saviours
  23. Share your lipstick collection!
  24. Day to night makeup look
  25. Underrated / overrated products
  26. Budget beauty finds
  27. Makeup look under £20
  28. "Get the look" inspired by a celeb
  29. Summer proof makeup
  30. Makeup haul
  31. How to keep your skin hydrated
Lifestyle / Personal:

  1. Morning / night routine
  2. How to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  3. Share your monthly to-do list
  4. Ways to reduce stress
  5. A day in your life
  6. Write about your dreams for the future
  7. Your current favourite Netflix picks
  8. Travel bucket list
  9. How to grow confidence
  10. Share your current playlist!
  11. Life cleansing tips
  12. 10 things to do before bed
  13. 10 things NOT to do before bed
  14. Book review
  15. Instagram roundup
  16. Host a giveaway!
  17. Talk about how you stay creative
  18. How to encourage yourself to workout
  19. 20 things to do when you're having a bad day
  20. Share your favourite everyday life hacks
  21. Talk about your favourite apps
  22. Try a Q&A post!
  23. Do a "Get to know me" tag!
  24. Share some productivity tips
  25. Share some healthy habits everyone should have
  26. How to become a morning person!
  27. 15 quotes to live by
  28. Talk about your workout routine
  29. What you did this weekend
  30. Share some back to school tips
  31. Talk about how you overcame something in your life

  1. Your current wardrobe wishlist
  2. OOTD
  3. Show us your shoe collection!
  4. How to mix & match prints
  5. Favourite summer accessories
  6. What's in my bag?
  7. Your current favourite fashion trends
  8. Current fashion trends you don't like
  9. 5 wardrobe staples you couldn't live without
  10. Your favourite fashion bloggers / instagram accounts
  11. How to declutter your wardrobe
  12. 10 ways to style a white shirt or other clothing item
  13. Share a clothing haul!
  14. Style inspiration board
  15. Talk about your style icon(s)
  16. Tips on thrift shopping
  17. Talk about your favourite designer brands!


  1. Share your favourite recipe!
  2. Your favourite spots to eat abroad or in your city
  3. Your favourite food bloggers / instagram accounts
  4. How to clean up your eating habits
  5. Clean eating snack ideas
  6. Budget meals for the week
  7. How to meal prep like a pro
  8. Your favourite detox water ideas
  9. How you got into baking / cooking 
  10. Share your favourite comfort food / meals
  11. Your recipe book collection
  12. A list of food documentaries you've been loving
  13. Halloween treats
  14. Christmas baking!
  15. Try a recipe from pinterest and share your thoughts
  16. Write about a childhood recipe you loved!
  17. Share some baking tips
  18. Kitchen equipment you couldn't live without
  19. Date night meal ideas!
  20. 5 weekday meals you love


  1. Share some of the best photography tips
  2. What you've learnt during (..) years of blogging
  3. Create a helpful resource list!
  4. Tips on how to increase your blog traffic
  5. Talk about your photography equipment
  6. How to create the perfect flat-lay
  7. Why you started blogging
  8. What keeps you motivated / inspired to keep blogging
  9. An equipment wishlist
  10. A guide to google analytics

I hope you liked these ideas and have helped you gain some inspiration. 

What are your favourite type of blog posts to read?


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  1. Definitely saving this! thank you for sharing these post ideas

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Ah such a helpful post, and wow so many ideas!! Like the other commenter, I’m definitely going to save this for later. You have a beautiful blog by the way! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much Helen! I'm glad these ideas could help you x

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  4. I'm definitely saving this for those days I have no inspiration, thanks for sharing!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I'm glad these ideas helped! Also love your blog Hannah x

  5. These are so useful! I often struggle with coming up with ideas for blog posts so I will definitely be using some of these! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see your future posts x

  6. I LOVE these ideas and I'll definitely use them in the future!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


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