Ahh Autumn, the season where it's acceptable to spend all day baking pumpkin spiced everything and snuggling up with your favourite blanket, watching Gilmore Girls and drinking your body weight in coffee. There really is nothing better.

You've probably found yourself reading about a million of Autumn related posts already, but really, what blogger isn't obsessed with all things pumpkin scented and Autumn inspired?! I always look forward to this season as it slowly gets more acceptable to talk about Christmas, eeek, and it's also the lead up to my birthday so the next four months are always exciting.

My favourite ways to spend my days in Autumn time include baking all things comforting, lighting sweet and cozy candles, wearing big ol' jumpers, listening to the best jazz playlists and being my most creative, whether that's grabbing a paintbrush and painting whatever comes to mind or getting out my laptop and losing myself in writing whilst drinking giant cups of coffee or hot chocolate, yummm.

Here's a few things I'm excited for this Autumn:

Photos -
Autumn is the perfect season for photos, although it's not always too bright and if you're like me who still relies on natural lighting to take photos it can be a little bit trickier to take good enough photos on days where it can be gloomy and when it gets darker earlier. Other than that I think photos tend to look cosier and there are so many autumnal props that can be used in photos (I can't wait to get hold of some). If you're feeling uninspired to take photos then websites like Pinterest and We Heart It are great places to gain some inspo. Being the Pinterest addict that I am, I created my own Autumn board so feel free to follow and use that as your source of inspiration!

Baking -
The options for baking in Autumn are literally endless! It's a perfect time to play around with different spices and end up making your home smell sooo delightful. I have so many things I plan on making, here are a few that I found that are totally worth drooling over:
  1. Apple Crumble FlapJacks by Charlottes Lively Kitchen
  2. Blackberry, Apple & Gingerbread Crumble by Wallflower Kitchen
  3. Clean Gingerbread Granola by Hedi Hearts
  4. Soft Pumpkin Ginger Cookies by The Veg Life
  5. Pumpkin & Cinnamon Sugar Donuts by Wallflower Kitchen
  6. Gluten Free Apple Spice Cake by The Pretty Bee 

Bubble baths -
Obviously no ones saying you can only take bubble baths in Autumn, but they sure are more enjoyable in the colder months than in the summer when it can be waaay too hot to even think about going in the bath and instead opt for a cold shower. I'm sure it won't be long at all until Lush release their halloween bath bombs and I can't wait to stock up on every single one of those asap. I love reading a good book while I'm in the bath and right now I've been loving "Flawed" by Cecelia Ahern.

Candles -
It was so obvious that candles would of course be on this list, but hey, ya girl has gotta do what she's gotta do to be happy and if that's buying a million and seven autumn scented candles that pretty much all smell the same then so be it. I just wish it was a heck of a lot easier to be able to get hold of candles from Bath & Body Works in the UK because I'd be all over those, but Yankee candles will suffice for time being!

Halloween -
Oh my god, I love Halloween so much and it doesn't get hyped up half as much as it needs to in the UK. Literally everything about halloween excites me from the costumes, to the parties, the horror movies, the fun snack / baking ideas and decorating your home as scary as you like. It's all so fun!

Oversized Everything - 
Autumn is the perfect excuse to wear literally anything oversized to make you look warm and cozy, but jumpers are definitley at the top of the list. Jumpers are cardigans are two of my favourite wardrobe staples so I can't wait to find these babies in the deep depths of my wardrobe again. I'm already crushing on so many jumpers from Urban Outfitters, I want them all.

Netflix -
I'm sure we all find ourselves indoors a lot more when it's colder and Netflix is always calling for us on those days where it's raining or- okay it's calling us all the time. My absolute favourite thing to watch when it's a horrible day will always be Gilmore Girls, I don't care what anyone says, it's the most coziest tv show ever and I will rewatch it for the rest of my life .. Pair Gilmore Girls with a warm drink and some pjs and boom you have a perfect lazy day sorted.

Music -
I create playlists for literally every season, it's essential. I always throw some jazz on autumnal / wintery playlists as it's so chill but happy at the same time. I absolutely adore Ella Fitzgerald so adding her music to these playlists are a must. I love listening to music when I'm baking or cooking as it puts me in a great mood, so I can't wait to create and share my Autumn 2017 playlist with you all!

What do you love about Autumn?


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  1. Yaaaas, I agree with absolutely everything on this list, ESPECIALLY over-sized everything. I just live for massive jumpers! I also love all of the baking and I've got a heck of a lot of recipes planned for my blog. Great post! It really put me in the autumn mood :)

    Olivia - The Northernist x