Hey everyone, I feel like I haven't sat down and talked about what's going on with my life in a while so here I am today to do just that.

I am absolutely loving this autumn weather, usually here in the UK it's freezing and raining around this time of year, almost like Autumn is completely skipped and we're straight into winter, but this year feels different to me. I love coming downstairs in the morning in a big ol' baggy jumper, making myself a coffee, eating some oats and scrolling through blog posts or catching up with a few things on social media. I also love being able to get ready in the mornings and being able to throw on a chunky knit jumper already without worrying if i'll turn into an ice cube or something, and just feeling casual with some jeans and converse. These simple kinds of outfits are one of my favourites because they're easy to chuck on, but also feel like you're in the autumn mood.

Today I baked pumpkin bread for the first time in my life, I know, how has it taken me this long? well.. I've never tried actual pumpkin and I think I've been putting myself off making this type of thing for a few years because I'm scared I won't like it, which is weird because I'm always open to trying new foods. Anyways, I followed a recipe to make this pumpkin bread considering it was my first time and I had no idea how it would turn out before making my own recipe and it completely failing on me. I decided to throw in some dark chocolate chips to this recipe as I love adding chocolate to pretty much anything.. I'm sorry I'm an addict, lol. In the recipe it says it's optional to add pecans and I'm so glad I did. Both the chocolate chips and pecans make the recipe taste so lovely and I can imagine the recipe being a bit dull without them added in. I did forget to add oil into the pumpkin bread, but it tasted just fine without it anyways so I don't think this ingredient played a major part in the recipe.

Not only did I make pumpkin bread because I'm basic, but I also made a chocolate mocha latte thing, whatever you want to call it, but omg it was incredible. If you want the recipe I'm gonna leave it rightttttt here:

- 1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
- 3 tsp sugar (I would of used coconut sugar but I'm currently out of it)
- 1 tsp coffee
- handful of dark chocolate chips (I told you I'm an addict, but this makes it creamier and more delish)
- vanilla almond milk (You can sub for any other milk, but this one is currently my favourite and makes this drink taste so good)

This is super simple, but all you need to is add the cocoa powder, sugar and chocolate chips to your mug of choice (mine was pretty massive), then add boiling water to the mug before adding the coffee, finally stir and add the vanilla almond milk. There you go, now you're left will a hot cosy drink perfect for the evenings when you're catching up on your favourite tv shows or reading a good book. It gives you all the autumn vibes.

Since I no longer go to college, I have started an online weight management & nutrition course which I'm loving and learning a lot from. Since I get to do this from home, I am also going to make more time for blogging and making my blog the best it can be from now on as nothing makes me happier than writing a blog post by expressing my opinions and thoughts with you guys no matter the subject. I'm also going to attempt "blogtober" so I'm going to try my absolute hardest to write a blog post every single day during October as I know quite a few bloggers and vloggers are also doing this and it looks pretty fun to join in with.

The other night I watched "Saving Mr. Banks" for the first time and ended up crying my eyes out, honestly please do yourself a favour and watch this movie, especially if you're a fan of Disney movies. It stars Tom Hanks who plays Walt Disney and Emma Thompson who plays Pamela Travers, the original writer of the book Mary Poppins. It is definitely a must see movie, my mum and sisters told me to watch it so many times but I always ended up forgetting to watch it and now I regret not watching it sooner. It is without fail now one of my favourite movies ever.

I know these were slightly random things to talk about, but I felt like updating you on some things I've been enjoying lately. I now recommend that you bake yourself some pumpkin bread, make this delicious latte, throw on a chunky knit jumper, get all cosy with a blanket and watch "Saving Mr. Banks", sounds like a perfect evening if you ask me.

What have you been loving lately?



  1. Your pumpkin bread looks like it would go perfectly with a cold evening and a cup of tea!

    1. Sadly it's not my own recipe, I completely forgot to add the link to site I found it on so I just added it if you want to check it out! But I agree 100% Amber! x

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