Is there any other excuse better than "because it's autumn" when you feel like getting all snug with the fluffiest of pyjamas and the warmest of blankets? Honestly, I love autumn (surprise, surprise) but seriously, I find nothing more comforting than long walks, walking on crisp leaves and taking totally aesthetic photos, then coming home and running a bath with my favourite lush bath bomb and reading a book from the Harry Potter series, putting on my pj's and making myself a coffee. I sound so basic, wow.

So here's a list of essentials that I recommend for the most perfect autumnal cosy day at home:

Flavoured Coffees -
I love playing around with different coffee ideas and flavours in the colder months as it's acceptable to drink bucket loads of coffee to keep you warm, obviously.. Adding flavoured syrups or a few spices to your coffee can make drinking it so much more enjoyable. I'm currently obsessed with adding 1 tsp coffee, 1tsp cacao powder and 1tsp coconut sugar to a mug, filling it with boiling water and adding a splash of vanilla almond milk. Honestly do yourself a favour and try it, I swear you'll want to thank me later for blessing you with this creation. It's truly like heaven in a mug. You can find a lot of coffee syrups in supermarkets and you've probably got a lot of spices already sitting in your cupboard calling your name. Maybe even go full on DIY queen and make your own pumpkin spice mix with different spices that you own. I've also found that when making coffee from home, I have to use decaf coffee as regular caffeinated coffee gives me headaches. Turns out I prefer decaf so much more and I love drinking it in the evenings knowing that I won't be up for hours struggling to sleep because I've got such a buzz from regular coffee. I definitely recommend switching to decaf if you just enjoy the taste of coffee without needing that coffee fix to keep you going.

Read Outside - 
If you enjoy reading in your spare time, or hey even if you don't, take a good book and a blanket outside and read no matter what time of day it is. If i'm honest, I feel like I don't do this half as much as I wish I would, but it's something that I find so peaceful and relaxing. I love reading the Harry Potter series this time of year because there's something that just screams autumn when I think of them. I can't ever seem to get enough of the series, so reading any of the books outside this time of year sounds perfect. I really want to find some new book suggestions, so if you have any please feel free to leave a comment with a few reads you love.

Bake Something Comforting -
I've always loved baking but something about this time of year makes it a million times more enjoyable. Throw on a playlist full of jazz music and get some candles burning and you have a perfect autumn day. I love baking pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, anything pumpkin you name it. If you want to be healthy this time of year and find that you're always surrounded by things packed with sugar then you can easily alternate pretty much any recipe into being much healthier by switching up the ingredients or by playing around with the amount of sugar / different ingredients that you actually need. Find what works for you and it will probably turn out delightful.

Halloween Movies -
I love love love this time of year as it allows you to binge watch all the halloween movies, scary or not it's always fun. Get together with some friends and make a night of it by making some fun halloween snacks and throwing on some classics like Hocus Pocus (forever a favourite!). If you're into scary movies then I recommend watching "Don't Breathe", "IT", "Annabelle: The Creation" and "The Conjuring 2" I love all of these movies so much and you're bound to love them too as the story lines for all of them are brilliant.

Take A Bath -
If you buy a selection of Lush bath bombs, you're bound to fall in love with taking a bath every now and then, especially when the weather isn't very pleasant. I love how Lush bring out different ranges depending on the holiday seasons and I absolutely love their Halloween collections every year. I personally love taking a bath in the evenings on a rainy day while reading a favourite book. To make it even more cosy, light one of your favourite autumnal candles!

Comfy Pajamas -
I love getting out the shower/bath in the evenings and throwing on the cosiest pajamas I own. So many stores bring out adorable autumn / christmasy style pajamas around this time and I always want to buy everything to get me feeling cosy and wanting to lay in bed watching something on Netflix. I love throwing on pajamas that feel smooth and fluffy, they're without a doubt the best to lounge about in. You could even be that little bit more extra and chuck on some fluffy socks to get you feeling the absolute comfiest.

Light A Candle -
Or light ten candles, whatever makes you feel at home! I love this time of year as I can light candles all day every day and make my home smell lovely 24/7. As we all know, Bath & Body Works have the best autumnal candles, I just wish it was so much easier to get hold of them in the UK as I'd be lighting every single one of them any time I possibly could. Personally, I love candles that remind me of baking on a cold day with hints of cinnamon, pumpkin or vanilla, so I need to go on a huge hunt to buy the biggest collection of these scents.

What is one of your cosy day essentials?



  1. The coffee that you have been drinking sounds so good - I had no idea you could get vanilla almond milk?! I will definitely be looking out for that! Love this post :-)

    1. It's amazing! You can find vanilla almond milk in Sainsburys, but I haven't had much luck finding it anywhere else yet! Thank you Amber x

  2. I discovered the joy of lighting candles last year, thanks to the "cosy by the fire" Yankee candles... so i was gutted to see it was discontinued! :-/ I prefer tit to the overly fruity scents, as it reminds me of bonfire night. I've just seen a range of fir/forest candles in John Lewis that i might have to give a go. What UK brands are your favourite?

    Oh... and as for pyjamas, i now own 4 pairs of harry potter PJs from primark and #noshame!

    Bumble & Be