As Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I always feel like I want to achieve a lot by the time it's over, whether that's pumpkin picking or hosting a Halloween party. I love being able to wear cosy jumpers all the time and it pretty much being 100% acceptable to wear any kind of comfy clothing all season without judgement. So whip out those leggings, throw on a big jumper and slip on your ugg boots, it's autumn baby.

Bake pumpkin pie
Since only trying pumpkin for the first time about a week or so ago and suddenly developing a connection with it that I never want to let go of, I now have a sudden need to bake everything with pumpkin in it. As pumpkin pie is a huge autumnal classic in the baking department, I definitely want to be like the majority and get my baking game on.

Have a scary movie marathon -
Okay, this is not just an excuse to be lazy all evening (okay maybe it is), but I really want to get together with a few friends or my boyfriend and have a scary movie marathon with all the Halloween favourites. I love a scary movie, so autumn is a great time to use having a scary movie marathon as an excuse because duhh, it's Halloween season.

Make pumpkin spiced granola -
This one is so basic of me, but since I always love having granola for breakfast, it only seems right to make it pumpkin spiced for this time of year, I mean who wouldn't want a breakfast that reminded them of all things cosy? I can't wait to make the biggest batch of this and live on it literally every day for the rest of the season.

Carve pumpkins - 
Believe it or not, I didn't carve a single pumpkin last year and I don't know why, but this year I am most definitely going to grab all my family and persuade them to carve pumpkins with me like we used to.

Host a Halloween Party -
My family always used to throw the cutest Halloween parties years ago and we haven't had one in so long, but this year I definitely to get all of our family and friends together and have a great night with the spookiest playlist and the best costumes.

Buy new boots -
I love wearing cute little booties this time of year, it makes any outfit look autumnal, especially with a scarf thrown in too! Since I practically live in my converse, it makes a nice change to switch things up a bit in Autumn/Winter with a pair of boots that can go with literally anything and look adorable. I also really want to get hold of some knee high boots too as they always look stunning.

Make a scrapbook -
Since I find myself inside a lot more during the colder months, it allows me to have more time to get creative and the one thing I've wanted to do for what feels like forever is to make my own scrapbook. I love looking back at memories, so making a scrapbook not only gets me to be creative, but to also be able to enjoy looking back at photos and other memories that I can cherish forever.

Go exploring -
Although I said I find myself indoors more in the colder seasons, I still love to have fun outside on the days where it's slightly chilly and crisp outside. On days like this I always want to just grab my camera and go exploring with some friends or family and go exploring in places like the woods and have a mini photoshoot in the leaves.

Burn new candles -
What's autumn without candles? I love cosy smelling candles with hints of vanilla, pumpkin spice or anything else that makes me want to wrap up in a blanket and embrace autumn while reading the harry potter books and eating pumpkin bread. I also love having a candle burning whenever I'm baking or while I'm writing a blog post as it makes me feel at home.

There's probably a ton of other things I want to do this season that I can't think or right now, but these are the main things I've got my heart set on for the following months. Have a great Autumn!

What are your goals this season?



  1. I love getting a new pair of boots when the winter comes round - they're perfect for long autumnal walks!

  2. Good luck for all of these goals! I started a scrapbook over the Summer and it is so good to be able to look back on memories and have everything in one place!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you Hannah! I can't wait to start making one x