I feel like I've been slacking when it comes to uploading content on my blog and I hate it. I find nothing more peaceful than sitting down with my laptop and a cup of coffee and losing myself in words. Blogging has been a huge part of my life for the past three years and I hope some day it will take me places, but I know that comes with tons of hard work and dedication - something I feel i'm not giving it enough of. I find comfort in my blog, scrolling through my old posts and writing new ones, it gives me something to look back on and reminisce on when I'm feeling sad, lost or unmotivated. So to keep me motivated, I've made a list of things I aim to do by the end of November, all being that it is always a super busy month leading up to Christmas (ahh, the excitement is so real!).

1. Try to upload a new post every Monday and Friday. Now I'm balancing blogging inbetween working and college work it's hard to find the right time to post, but I know I can easily do this if I put enough effort into it. Maybe I'll even try to post three times a week and really challenge myself.

2. Start Christmas shopping, woooo. There's so much to buy and so many people to buy for! but after all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year right?

3. Create a Christmas playlist (gotta be prepared ya know). I can't wait to start singing my favourite Christmas classics at the top of my voice with my family and dancing around my kitchen whilst baking all sorts of goodies.

4. Try to up my photography game. Even after three years of blogging, I'm still relying on natural light to take photos with very little equipment, so I'm going to invest in a few bits to help improve my photography and not have to worry so much about the gloomy England weather.

5. Make new recipes. I plan on writing a blog post about this soon in a lot more detail, but I feel like I'm slipping when it comes to being creative with recipes and am currently stuck in the same routine of eating the same foods. I think every meal should be exciting and I love playing around in the kitchen so I'm going to try really hard to create some new recipes and maybe even share them with you all really soon!

6. Change my wardrobe up a bit. There's no denying that I absolutely love fashion, but for some reason I always find myself wearing the same kind of clothes and not really wearing the type of clothes I always wish I had, does that make sense? So i'm going to find a few bits and pieces that I like online as I definitely find more of a variety online rather than in store, and treat myself because why the hell not?!

7. Watch documentaries. This one sounds really boring I know, but since I starting eating vegan I only ever watched "101 reasons to go vegan" and I want to educate myself even more on the health benefits of being vegan, the type of foods I need to be eating etc.. so during November, I'm going to watch "Earthlings", "What the health" and "Forks over Knives". These are all really popular documentaries when it comes to veganism, so I know they're all going to be worth watching.

8. Splurge on Lush Christmas products. I love Lush products, but their Christmas range is always incredible and I get excited for it every single year. I can't wait to stock up on literally everything and have many pamper nights. What's your favourite Lush product?

9. Get back into working out. I hadn't worked out in so long before this morning, and today it made me realise just how much I've missed it. I love the feeling it gives me afterwards, like I've accomplished something really great and done myself proud. I feel like I mention it all the time but Cassey Ho creates the best workout videos and if you follow her monthly workout sheets, your likely to see results, I know I did!

10. Make more plans with friends. It's so easy to get swept up in every day things, that much needed coffee chats with friends often gets forgotten about. I've already started to make a few more plans for the upcoming month, but I know I need to make a lot more effort to travel and meet up with my best friends and have a laugh more often.

11. Improve my Instagram feed. I feel like I'm never happy with how my Insta feed looks, but that's the problem with being such a perfectionist. I overthink the photos I want to take, the filter I need to put on it along with all the other editing things, as well as thinking of some witty or creative caption and the right time to post - ahh, the struggles! (follow me @sh.annonxo if you want lovelies).

12. Make birthday plans. I know I already mentioned plans above, but since my birthday is at the end of the month, I want to do something with friends and family, but I'm having a pretty hard time thinking of something fun to do with everyone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! hahah.

13. Start a diary. I know a lot of people use blogging as a dairy, but there's something I love about writing with paper and pen. I used to own a diary when I was 11 and I still love looking back on it and reading about the boys I was crushing on and all my (not so dramatic) drama that I thought was a pretty big deal at the time. I've been meaning to buy a new notebook to write about my daily life for so long, so I'm going to make sure I do that in November and dedicate a few minutes every evening to writing about what's going on with my life and look back on it in the future as well as keeping one going until I'm older.

What are you looking forward to in November?


  1. Christmas is going to be upon us so soon and I cannot wait to get into all of the festivities either! Best of luck getting yourself back on track to where you want to be.
    Amber x

    1. Everything begins to get so exciting this time of year! Thank you Amber x

  2. I'm with you on the documentary part, watching one about higher dimensions right now...:)
    X finja /

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