Many of you may not have heard of a voxbox before and to be honest I hadn't heard of one until about three weeks ago either. A voxbox is basically just a box full of a certain brands products that contain new products and in this case I received a voxbox for the brand Bourjois who are looking to promote their new holiday lipsticks and eye palette as well as throwing in a few of their bestsellers. I have used Bourjois products since I was about 13 years old and have been one of my absolute favourite high street brands since so when Influenster reached out to me about the release of their new Bourjois voxbox I was so happy and wanted to work on this campaign straight away.

Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99
This foundation is one of my holy grail products and after trying a few high end foundations, I always seem to head straight back to using this one as I find it so much better. I often find that the scent of foundation smells like clay and I hate it when I can still smell it after applying it on my face, but the healthy mix foundation honestly smells delightful, like sun cream almost! I love the coverage that this foundation has as it doesn't feel cakey but it also doesn't feel like I'm not wearing anything on my face as well as covering my spots enough to not use much concealer or any at all!

Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer - £8.99
I don't tend to use concealer much as I don't like my face feeling cakey with foundation and face powder piled on top, especially under my eyes. So I only ever really use concealer on big spots that really don't want to be hidden. I'd be lying if I said I love this concealer as I just don't think it's all that great, but it's also not the worst and although £8.99 might be cheap for some people, I wouldn't warrant that much money on a concealer this small and this average if you're on a budget and could find a cheaper alternative elsewhere.

Xmas Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Quad - £7.99
When I received this palette I was so excited to play around with the colours and create an evening look. I'm quite fussy when it comes to eye palettes as I can't stand any fall out and tend to go straight back to the same palette I love, that being the Tarte "Tartelette In Bloom" palette (I swear nothing compares!). I think the smoky stories palette itself has very pretty colours and is perfect for Christmas time and I'm sure you could create a fab eye look for a new years party or any other christmassy celebrations. I tried out all of the different shades and I loved using the lightest shade as a base colour and both the brown and plum shades are highly pigmented and blend so well, but when it come to using the glitter shade in the middle, I didn't like it one bit. It looks like there should be a purple undertone when applying this shade to your lid, but it was like pure glitter that didn't apply very well at all and I found that all of the glitter ended up under my eyes or on my cheeks and wouldn't budge afterwards. So the glitter shade is a definite no from me.

Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara - £8.99
I have used many Bourjois mascaras in the past and I think their prices are great for such good quality. If you are looking for a high street mascara to replace one of your beloved high end mascaras then Bourjois is the brand for you without a doubt. This mascara in particular creates the best volume for my lashes although I use it along side my Maybelline Lash Sensational for a mix of volume and length. I would definitley recommend giving this mascara a go if you haven't already.

Little Round Pot Blusher - £6.49
I've never really been one to wear blush on a daily basis, in fact I rarely wear it at all since my cheeks have always been fairly rosey. I was sent this adorable little blush in the shade Golden Rose and the scent of course smells like rose and I think it's lovely! Obviously you don't want to go overboard when applying blush as you'll end up looking like a five year old who has just raided their mums makeup bag, so applying a fair amount of this product creates the perfect natural rosey glow on your cheeks with a tiny bit of shimmer.

Rouge Velvet Lipsticks - £8.99
Now onto the best bit about the entire box, the lipsticks! I adore all of these shades as they aren't something I would usually wear, but have always wanted to be brave enough to pull off yet I never wanted to waste my money on buying them to end up not liking them. But when I tried out all of these shades I instantly fell in love. I was sent three shades, Brunette, Berry Formidable and Magni-fig with Brunette being my favourite as it is a dark brown with a hint of red, it's stunning! Berry Formidable is a dark red and would be perfect to create any christmas makeup look and I'll definitley get a lot of use out of it this time of year. Magni-fig is a pink berry shade which is something I would never usually go for as I always find that pinks never suit me at all, but I actually love it! These lipsticks are so creamy and don't leave your lips feeling dry, but are also long lasting and great quality for the price! I would recommend all of these lipsticks as well as their liquid lips to create the perfect festive look.

Have you tried Bourjois Products?

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


  1. The colour you're wearing in the picture looks gorgeous on you! I'm a massive fan of Bourjous - I use a number of their products every day. But I am yet to try either the Healthy Mix foundation or concealer! I shall have to give them a try at some point :-)
    Amber |

    1. Thank you Amber! I definitely recommend trying out the foundation, it's my holy grail face product! x

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