Finding Inspiration To Write Blog Posts


You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in a little while. It's not like I've been gone months without posting, but this mini break from blogging has me feeling angry and extremely annoyed at myself. In all honesty, it's all come down to feeling uninspired. I've been wanting to write so many posts, and all the ideas are there, but when I sit down with my laptop and try to write enough words, nothing comes out the way I want it to or I can't find the right words to explain myself and end up giving up. I know obviously giving up is where I'm going wrong, but I start stressing, wanting to get a post done and not feeling like I'm able to post one up to the right standards. 

I absolutely adore blogging. I feel like I say this all the time, but I love that feeling after writing a post I feel proud of and happy enough to post across social media for literally anyone to see. I've always followed one rule when it comes to blogging - quality over quantity. It's one of the first things I learnt when I first started my blog back in 2014 and since then have always wanted to write posts that I love, as well as wanting my audience to enjoy it as much as I do rather than rushing a ton of posts in a hurry to get one up every day that I'm not satisfied with - that's how I feel anyways, I know everyones different. 

I've been trying to gather a bunch of things that inspire me with new blog post ideas, as well as new photo inspiration and general motivation to get me to spend time on blogging. Obviously I don't find blogging a chore and have to constantly find motivation to get me to do it because I can't be bothered, oh no no no, I love spending hours writing posts, taking photos, editing, you name it, but although I consider myself a creative person who finds it easy to come up with new ideas, blogging can sometimes cause a lot of writers block when everyone around me is posting amazing content and I feel like mine isn't anyone near as good. thats when I lose motivation most even though I know I shouldn't as every blog is unique. I won't lie though, as I continue to write this I'm beginning to feel more and more motivated to keep writing and get more posts up from now on. So if you're feeling a little stuck and need a few helpful tips to get you back on track then I hope these ideas below help you out as much as they help me!

How I find motivation / inspiration to post new content:

Pinterest - 
where would I be without my love for Pinterest? this is my main platform that makes me feel inspired within minutes. There are so many dreamy photos on there that inspire me SO MUCH to take photos as good as them, obviously not the same, but they definitely help with ideas. I'm not even kidding, I have so much planned on the photo side of things. Pinterest also really helps if your confused about how to get traffic on you blog, there's a ton of pins that have helped me with my blog and are continuing to help me with the technical side of blogging that goes on behind the scenes of what your readers see.

Music -
When I'm writing a post I can't have any noise around me besides having my headphones in with the same type of playlist every time. I have a few "chilled out" type of playlists on my Spotify that are my go-to's whenever I need to get a post written. I know everyones different, but I can't have music thats too upbeat when I'm writing as I completely lose focus, so my favourite artists to listen to to help stay focused are Kehlani and Jhene Aiko, as well as listening to a bit of jazz music from my faves Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald. 

Instagram - 
I know a lot of people probably use Instagram as their main source of inspiration when it comes to blogging photography as you have a whole wide world of beautiful insta accounts right in front of you. It's easy to start comparing your photos to everyone else especially if you don't have half the fancy equipment that the other person may have, I know I do. But in moments like that, you have to remember that practise makes perfect and over time your photos can only get better. Photography is something I would really love to get better at, especially if I start travelling to new places. The photos on your posts are such a huge part of blogging, its the main thing that drawers in readers besides a catchy/helpful title, so feeling inspired from places like Instagram and Pinterest really will benefit you.

Other Blogs -
This one is pretty obvious, but reading other blogs, knowing what people are actually interested in, the photos, the comments, everything. You can gain so much inspiration and a lot of motivation to post when you read a post you fell in love with or even made you smile for a few seconds. Building friendships with other bloggers that you enjoy reading will also help you with new content, as the other person will want to feel motivated just like you and you can easily help each other with new ideas, photography and all sorts of other advice. also building relationships with your readers will also help more than you may realise as they will want you to continue posting as they obviously like your content and don't want it to stop, so asking for their advice may be very beneficial!

Exploring -
This is something I really want to start doing more as I would love to document more places I go to. I see so many beautiful places that other bloggers talk about that id love to also explore and share my take on the whole experience. I'm making it a goal of mine to have my camera on hand a lot more as I  often walk past things and think "oh that would have looked so cute on my blog / Instagram, but I left my camera at home", of course I always have my phone on me so I could easily resort to that in those situations, but I prefer my camera quality and need to take advantage of it more. 

Keeping A Inspo Journal -
surely its not just me that has way too many notebooks where I'm constantly writing down new ideas? This is perfect for when you're running low on topics to talk about and can always have something to jot down whatever comes to mind without forgetting about it a few days or even hours later!

Youtube -
I often use youtube to find new ideas, whether thats beauty, fashion, food or lifestyle type of posts. I have so many favourite youtubers that make me feel so motivated to post something new because I'm so in love with their content and I begin to feel a rush of inspiration after watching their videos. 

I hope this helped you one way or another if you're feeling a little bit stuck like me at the moment.
Since I'm writing this post, it's clear that I'm gaining back the ability to find the right words to explain myself in posts again haha. But its perfectly okay to feel a bit stuck sometimes, everyone goes through it from time to time and theres no point displaying a fake persona on your blog when its somewhere you should feel comfortable enough to be yourself and lets your audience know whats up from time to time. 

where do you gain Inspo when it comes to blogging?