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It's only recent that I have decided to take more care of my hair as it's something I haven't ever really been focused on. Obviously, I take care of it like a normal person, but sometimes I forget about the damage I may have caused it over the years due to heat and other damaging hair products, for example the never ending amounts of hairspray I used to coat over my hair (it was a terrible phase, it makes me cringe so bad). I recently took a mini trip to Boots and picked up a few bits and bobs to help improve my hair and get it back to being more naturally glossy before I started to dye it over these past few years. I've found that after the amount of times I've dyed it, it's started to lose it's shine and has gotten a lot more dry and fragile, something I'm definitely not happy about. I still have so many more hair care products to purchase over time, I just want to find the best things for my hair without using too much and as a result actually end up running it all over again as that would be tragic.

I hear a lot about how you should only wash your hair a certain amount of times a week, only use conditioner, blah blah blah.. I know half of my problem probably is the fact that I do wash my hair every single day as I just can't bare to let my hair feel greasy, flat or just generally gross, so washing my hair is the only solution as dry shampoo really doesn't seem to work all too well for me.

So as of now, my hair is starting to feel better with the products that I'm currently using and although I plan on experimenting with a bunch of other products until I find the right ones for my hair over time, I am still going to be using these ones I've listed below as they are working wonders at the moment and I'm loving the way my hair is feeling throughout the entire day.

I've always been a Tresemme or Herbal Essences kind of gal as I love the way the scent of these last all day in my hair and make me feel so fresh, so when I discovered the "Smooth golden moringa oil" shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Essences, I just had to buy it. I've been using these on and off as well as the OGX "Argan oil of Morocco" shampoo and conditioner as I know you're meant to switch up the products you use to wash your hair so it doesn't get too used to you using the same products. I have been absolutely loving both of these brands, particularly the OGX products as a little goes a long way and I've noticed a lot more shine in my hair since using both the shampoo and conditioner and the scent is just incredible. The OGX products are quite a bit more pricey than Herbal Essences at £6.99 each, although there are currently offers In boots at the moment on the entire range so I highly suggest going in there and purchasing as many of their products as you can as I really can't recommend them enough. I purchased the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for around £3 each so you really can't complain about that!

I also picked up the OGX "coconut water weightless hydrating oil mist" and their "argan oil of Morocco weightless reviving dry oil mist" and oh my oh my have these made the biggest change in my hair game. Both of these products smell INCREDIBLE and I cannot wait to start using the coconut water oil more in the summer as it is such a summer time scent. I alternate between using these every now and then after getting out the shower, towel drying my hair and then applying either of these to the ends of my hair and then letting it dry naturally. They both create the perfect amount of shine and make your hair looks so healthy. I'm loving the Argan oil as it is helping massively with bringing my dry, dull hair back to life a bit more. These both make the biggest difference in your hair routine and it is definitely worth purchasing these over and over again! I really couldn't imagine not applying these after I've showered anymore, they're such a staple in my morning routine now! I purchased these both for £7.35 each, but they are currently on offer for £4.90 so definitley go grab them whenever you can!

The coconut water oil mist is designed to "transform dry, parched hair into silky, shiny perfection" and the argan oil mist helps to "infuse hair with a sheer veil of shine, giving a multifaceted glow" and in all honesty, they both seem to be doing exactly as they're designed to be. I cannot wait to get hold of more OGX products as I've been wanting so many of their items for years now, but never really go the chance to try out as many as I can now, so I'm super excited to purchase more next time I see them in stores.

What hair products do you swear by?

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