Spring Wardrobe Wish List


I know, I know, we're still only in January, but warm weather and sunshine is calling my name and I'm wishing winter away so I can wear the cutest clothes. I'm willing to say goodbye to coats forever so I can wear pretty day dresses and glowy makeup for as long as humanly possible. A girl can dream, right? I recently discovered an Australian online store called Showpo which is incredibly popular on Instagram so you may or may not have heard of it, but I have never fallen in love with clothes more than I did when I first checked out their website. Everything screams my dream wardrobe the more I scroll through all the beautiful items, so this post is just one giant Wishlist of items I'm planning on ordering as soon as payday rolls around so my spring and summer wardrobe is ready, even if I am still layered up with jumpers and stuck in the horrid month that is winter.

I have also decided that I want to incorporate more fashion type posts onto my blog as it's something I have always been obsessed with and have wanted to talk about on my blog for years. I'm not talking photo shoots in the streets of London, but more like little pieces here and there that I've been loving and want to share with you, and then we'll see how it goes from there!

I've also converted the prices from AUD to GBP as I know a lot of my readers are British like myself, so it makes it a lot easier!

1. Sun Is Shining Dress In White lace - £51.17
Oh my goodness, I am completely in love with this dress! I love classic white dresses and this would be so perfect for an event during the spring / summer time or could easily be worn casually with some cute little brown sandals and minimal jewellery. The detailing on the back and the ruffles on the bottom of the sleeves are so dreamy, I need this in my wardrobe asap.

2. Focus On Me Top In Red Floral - £31.50
Although I think the price of this top seems a little high for something so tiny, I still want it anyway. I'm obsessed with this style of top right now so it won me over as soon as I saw it on the website. I love the colour, the print, literally everything about it!

3. Keep Me Near Dress In Tan Stripe - £40.40
I've been seeing this style of dress everywhere on social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, but have never seen anything in stores in England that are anything like this style. So when I saw this on Showpo I wanted to order it asap. I love the detail on the bottom as well as the tied back! I could just imagine wearing this on a stroll down the seafront in the spring, ahh I need it right now.

4. Love Is Blooming Top In Cream Floral - £25.36
This top is fairly similar to the red floral top mentioned above, with a less revealing front, but I love it equally as much. This would pair beautifully with anything light denim and brown, hmm I'm in love.

5. Stitched You Up Bodysuit In Dusty Rose - £31.50
I love bodysuits, but I also love simple bodysuits, especially this beaut. There's nothing massively special about it which makes it super easy to pair with anything! It could easily be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual every day look. The neck line is my absolute faveeeee.

6. Floating Wishes Dress In Navy Print - £37.63
Have you ever seen a dress so effortlessly stunning?! I have yet to ever see this style dress in any store, the sleeves and the trim at the bottom make the dress look gorgeous, and the detail down the front makes it 10x more cuter. I'm definitely ordering this for the summer!

7. Beverly Hills Two Piece Set In White - £43.76
I've always loved two piece sets, I think they're adorable and I love the matching prints. I've also always loved boho girly pieces so I fell in love when I saw this set as it has a mixture of both. I really want to order this to wear on a beach holiday somewhere tropical.. oh a girl can dream!

8. Follow Me Two Piece Set In Yellow Polka Dot - £43.76
As I mentioned my love for two piece sets above, when I saw this one I loved it a teeny bit more simply because its yellow and would look fab with a tan in the summer. The tied front on the top is so so cute, I love it!

9. Forget Yesterday Pants In Grey Stripe - £43.76
I've never owned anything like this as I've never thought this style of trousers would suit me, but the more and more I see this everywhere, the more I want them! I think they look really "fresh"(?) I guess you could say, in the warmer months! and the colours are so simple yet so lovely.

10. What It Feels Like Earrings In Gold And Cream - £11.35
Finally I thought I would include these stunning earrings that I noticed as I was scrolling through the website. I love wearing hoops or studs, so I'd love to include this style of earrings in my collection to switch things up a little. Don't you think they look like mini dream catchers?! it makes me want them even more!

There's so much more on the website that I've been dreaming of lately, but if I mentioned everything we'd be here forever! so I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about these beautiful pieces that I oh so badly want to add into my wardrobe. Now I just can't wait until the warmer weather rolls around! can we just forget about February and move straight on to spring?!

What's your favourite time of year?


  1. All of these items make me so excited for the warmer months of the year! You've picked out some really cute items!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I just want to go somewhere warm or for summer to hurry up and be here! so done with the cold haha x

  2. Lovey picks! Everything is so pretty!!

    Grace x