How To Enjoy Spending Time Alone


Personally, I like having my alone time. I like to put my headphones in, listen to my favourite music and write, paint, draw, whatever I feel like doing. I find comfort in having time to myself every now and then. Don't get me wrong, I love being around family and friends, but sometimes it's just nice to have that time to yourself every once in a while. Being a creative person, I feel the need to have time to myself to really focus on my hobbies. For example, if I'm painting, I like to be alone so I can really focus on my mood as it can completely change the way I create art. If people are around me I lose all ability to really concentrate on what I'm doing properly as there will be too much noise around me even with headphones in. Sometimes I do just like being alone, when you're around people constantly you forget about the time you should have to yourself, whether that's just reading a book or going for a walk, it's YOUR time, so make the most of it. 

If you're someone who doesn't get to have much alone time, but find that you have the odd few minutes, hours etc.. once in a while, then here are a few suggestions to help you enjoy that time.

Bake -
Whether you enjoy baking or not, I find that time spent baking goodies makes it feel like time is moving a bit faster. Throw on your favourite playlist and discover some new recipes on Pinterest and you're bound to want to get baking asap. This is also a perfect excuse to sing at the top of your voice and dance like no ones watching in your kitchen.

Get creative -
Having time alone gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative in whatever way you like. If you have a loud house and have the occasional few hours and enjoy writing then spend that time doing what you love. Write a blog post, write in a journal, paint, draw, whatever makes you happy. I love getting creative, listening to music and fuelling myself up on coffee.

Run a bath -
Roundup all your favourite bath bombs, pick the best one and place it in the bath. This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy spending my time alone as well as feeling relaxed. Read a good book and light a candle to help you feel calmer. I love going in the bath before bed and lighting a candle as it makes me feel sleepy but refreshed before heading to sleep.

Go on a walk -
Although this one sounds really basic, but seriously, going out on a walk is so calming, especially if you have music playing. I know I mention music a lot, but I know so many people will agree with me on this, music is one of the most relaxing things and can make literally any situation so much better. Am I right? yes, yes I am..

Make A Scrapbook -
If you have a ton of memories on your phone, or printed out over the years, gather them all up and create a scrapbook to look back on every so often and keep forever. You'll probably laugh a little and maybe even shed a few tears because memories can mean the world, but keeping them all together means you won't forget about any of them or lose any photos you might forget about later on. Making  a scrapbook enables you to be as creative as you like, you can add almost anything to decorate pages and make it look super pretty.

Catch Up On Your Favourite Tv Shows -
Or start a new one! I'm currently rewatching The Vampire Diaries with my boyfriend as he hasn't seen it and we are loving it, but when I'm alone I love watching shows like Shameless and Gilmore Girls while getting cozy with a cup of coffee, some fluffy pjs and a blanket, because what could possibly be better?

Go Grab Coffee By Yourself -
You'd be surprised just how nice this is, to go to your local coffee shop and just sit there in peace sipping on your favourite drink. I've done this several times while waiting for friends at train stations etc and I don't mind doing it at all, because it gives me that little bit of time to myself, reflect on a few things or plan things in my head that I need to get done. This gives you a great opportunity to download and listen to a really good podcast or listen to your favourite playlist.

Online Shopping -
You know what's best about "browsing" online and making a few purchases here and there when you're alone? no one can judge you! Since I spend 80% of my life procrastinating, I often find myself scrolling through my favourite online stores, adding some dreamy pieces that I wish I could add to my wardrobe into my basket. I think this helps to give you inspiration to change up your style every once in a while and experiment with different pieces (I'll use any excuse to do some online shopping I won't lie).

Write A Journal -
I've been meaning to purchase a journal for ages now, but I want to find the perfect one that will be big enough for me to ramble on about my daily antics. I used to own a diary / journal when I was younger and I love reading it back now, laughing at my childhood crushes and all the silly drama that was definitely (not) a big deal back then. So I'd love to start writing a new one and keep it going for years so I always have something to look back on, whether they're good or bad memories, I want them to be written down forever.

Planning -
I love using the time to myself to plan things, I have an obsession with writing lists, keeping notes, you name it. So writing down things I want to get done are essential, especially when it comes to blog planning. I really want to write a post about how I plan my blog posts, so it can help new bloggers and even help myself when I'm feeling uninspired! I'm constantly jotting down new blog post ideas and I have SO much planned for my blog, I can't even tell you how excited I am to start sharing more content with you all.

I hope these suggestions helped you with enjoying more time to yourself, or encourages you to make more time to do the things you love or want to start doing! Everyone needs time alone, so enjoy it when you can!



  1. Some really good ideas here especially for when you want a time out and spend time by yourself. It's definitely something that is needed every know and again - you always end up feeling much better for it afterwards x
    Amber |

    1. I'm glad you like them! Yes exactly, and no one should feel bad for wanting time alone either! x

  2. a really good list! I think we forget to remind ourselves to spend more time alone!