My Top 7 Products To Target Dry Skin In Winter


Winter isn't my favourite season, we all know that. but when it comes down to dry skin in winter, I absolutely despise it.. no really, I hate it. The lead up to Christmas is all fun and games but when January hits it all goes downhill from there until May, when the weather picks itself back up again and blesses us with a bit of warm sunshine. I've recently been trying out a fair few new products that I can't wait to share with you all since I love them all so much. Each product is great for tackling dry skin, and since I don't usually deal with dry skin until this time of year like quite a few people I know, I thought it would help a few of you and if you naturally have dry skin all the time, then these products would make great staples to keep as part of your skincare routine / collection.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray -
I have only tried this spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea, but I have heard numerous great things about the rosewater spray as well. I bought the smaller bottle for £7 as it was my first time trying the product, but now I regret not getting the larger bottle as I'm so in love with it! I find that it is one of the most hydrating products I have ever used and it's perfect for fighting dry skin this time of year. All Mario Bedescu products sound gorgeous, and if all of their products live up to the hype like this one does then I know i'll be purchasing their entire range very, very soon. I imagine this facial spray in particular would be extremely refreshing to use in the summer when you feel all sweaty and gross and need something to give your skin a bit more life and to cool down a little. I literally could not recommend this product enough. I'll definitely be purchasing the larger bottle soon as I'm pretty much out of it and I couldn't imagine no longer keeping it as part of my skincare routine anymore!

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist -
I received this beauty in a subscription box from "Latest In Beauty" a month or so ago, and have been using it every day that I'm not using my Mario Badescu spray mentioned above. I've started using it more and more as I've never been one for rose scents, but I've grown to like the scent over time (my little brother thinks it smells like bubbles? bit weird I know haha). I've developed such a love for facial sprays now that both of these sprays play such a major role in my skincare routine. I particularly love this product as it doesn't only hydrate, but softens my skin before I moisturise. I let the spray settle into my skin for a good 5 minutes before moisturising and I love the feeling afterwards.

The Body Shop Aloe Toner -
I recently picked this up while "browsing" in a few shops after work and of course I couldn't miss a good opportunity to go into the body shop alone without judgment of spending too much money on some of my favourite products.. I've tried a toner from the body shop before and absolutely loved it but was gutted to find out that it had been discontinued when I went to purchase a new one. I noticed that they had a tea tree toner which I've never been overly keen on the scent of so was hesitant to buy, but I then noticed that they had an aloe toner along with an entire range of other aloe products which I am so intrigued to try out also. I like how this product doesn't have much of a scent but gets the job done as it should and I love it! I've realised how sensitive my skin has become recently so I was also impressed when the label said it was formulated for sensitive skin. I tend to use this more in the mornings before using my facial spray and moisturising as one of my first steps to help remove any excess makeup that may be left even after cleansing my skin the night before (waterproof mascara I'm talking about you).

Merci Handy "Chill Out" Face Mist -
Oh you thought I was done talking about facial sprays didn't you? well you thought wrong .. I may have grown a little obsession with them lately, but I'm not mad, I love em'. I believe this product, along with the other scents in the range were designed to be used in the summer time as a way too cool down from the heat, being sweaty after a workout or being under stress, but I love to spritz a bit of this no matter the weather, but mainly in the mornings or half way through the day to wake me up a bit more and leave my skin feeling hydrated. I need a never ending supply of this product so I can keep it in my bag, in my room, my bathroom, you name it. Go get yourself one and thank me later haha.

The Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream -
I spoke about this cream almost a year ago in my "6 favourite cruelty free skincare finds" post if you want to give it a read in a bit more detail, but I feel the need to bring it back up again because I love it oh so much. I use this body cream all year round, its perfect during the summer for making your legs feel silky smooth before hitting the beach as well as smelling like a goddess, but it's also perfect for the colder months as it helps hydrate and help to remove any dry patches on your body. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, i'e never smelt anything quite like it so it's worth going to your closest Body Shop store and checking this beauty out. I've also been using the frosted berries and frosted plum body butters which pretty much do the exact same thing, the Japanese Camellia Cream just feels a bit more lighter and creamier on the skin, but The Body Shop really do never to fail with their products, so any of these would be perfect.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Hand Cream -
I really suffer with dry hands this time of year more than anything else so having a hand cream on hand (this was not intended to be funny, but I'm giggling a bit to myself right now if I'm honest) is an absolute must. I'm almost out and I have a feeling that I won't be seeing any more of this hand cream any time soon as I believe it is only a winter release and is very limited! so maybe I'll be lucky enough to pick one up again next November / December.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Foam Cleanser -
Oh my, I love this face wash. I have tried SO many in the past and am always experimenting with others even now, but this one is by far one of my favourites. It has a tiny amount of scent, but smells very fresh and feels it too! my face always feels silky smooth after I've used this and I can't wait to stock up on more as it's great all year round. This cleanser is definitely worth the purchase if you want to try something new and is a great addition to your skincare collection.

I love trying new skin products, sometimes I love trying out new skincare products more than makeup as it just makes me feel so lovely. If you have any skincare tips, products or suggestions to try new brands etc.. then feel free to leave a comment!

What's your holy grail skin product?

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