5 Of The Best Ways To Stay Creative


I'm sure you can agree with me when I tell you that being stuck without creativity is one of the worst feelings. Whether that's not being able to write, getting back into routine, creating music, literally anything that involves using your imagination one way or another. Whenever I'm stuck feeling like this, I often struggle so much to get out of it and wonder how I could possibly get back into doing what I love. However, something always ends up snapping me back to my creative ways and the struggle is no longer there. So if you ever find yourself feeling lost, stuck or even confused then I hope these little tips help you get right back to feeling how you want to.

Make Lists -
I have so many notebooks crammed with lists for whenever I suddenly have a blog post idea or feel inspired, whether thats for ten seconds or ten minutes. Jotting these ideas down helps so much in the long run, it's like a first step towards your end goal and you won't feel so uninspired when you're not feeling your most creative later on. If you're struggling to write new lyrics for the song you've been dying to write, then gather up a few of your favourite songs or songs that inspire you to work towards what you want, write them all down so you won't forget and hopefully this way you will feel that little bit more inspired. If you're trying to come up with new recipe ideas for that cookbook you've been wanting to write, travel to new places, try new foods and write down the foods that you think would work perfectly together to create something delicious. Carrying a notebook everywhere is so handy and I couldn't recommend writing lists enough as this is my go to whenever I need some inspiration.

Get Away From Your Computer -
Sometimes sitting behind a screen can do more damage than good as the web is filled with articles and videos telling you whats right and whats wrong and it can often get a bit much and your head is filled with too much information that you end up doubting your own mind. Getting out and being in different surroundings can help you feel so much more inspired to create as it's all new to you, being stuck indoors at home can become all too familiar and we all need a bit of change every now and then no matter how big that change may be.

Get Feedback -
Whether thats from friends, family, your online audience, feedback is feedback. Of course don't listen to people that you know are out to doubt you, but getting feedback from friends and family can't really do any harm and even a little bit of constructive criticism is great every now and then to help you improve! If you're an online influencer you need to be sure to listen to your audience as they are the people who enjoy your content and won't be coming back if you don't show that you are listening. Continue to do what you love and don't take other peoples opinions to heart, but let them know that you are listening.

Create A New Playlist -
So many things roll back round to music for me whenever I'm feeling lost. Discovering something new is amazing and I always enjoy finding new artists or falling in love with songs I had never heard of before to help change my mindset and feel inspired to create. Right now I'm loving "Invasion Of Privacy" by Cardi B and "As She Pleases" by Maddison Beer. Both of these albums are incredible and definitely worth giving a listen to if you're looking for something new!

Take Time Out -
There's no harm in taking breaks. In fact, you're bound to end up making yourself feel frustrated by continuously working hard on something without mini breaks in between. Take however long you need in between whatever you're doing and you'll begin to notice how creative your imagination allows you to be without getting a creative block from pushing yourself too hard all at once. Use that time in between to make yourself a cup of coffee, go on a short walk, make a new recipe for lunch, do a workout or go on a coffee date with a friend!

I don't know about you, but writing and reading this post back, I feel like I have so much motivation and creativity flowing through my veins that I could write a million blog posts, jam out to a new playlist and create some yummy recipes!

What's your best tip to stay creative?

All the love,


  1. Love this post, I totally agree that being creative is so important and your tips sound great! xx Franzi