10 Bedtime Hacks For A Better Nights Sleep


Over time I have gradually started adding all of these ten habits into my nighttime routine and I can tell you truthfully, that they have all worked a treat. I often spend a lot of time overthinking things at night, from things I know I don't need to worry about to something that's coming up in many months time. The mind has a funny way of working sometimes, but my imagination really does come to life at nighttime. I've been looking up ways to incorporate calming ideas and hacks into my bedtime routine for a while now as the struggle to sleep was at it's peak around a month or so ago (the hot weather was probably a key factor to blame if I'm honest). I know that struggling to sleep is such a big thing for many people, so I thought why not post a few ways that genuinely help me go to sleep? Some of these you've probably seen and heard a million times before, but a few others are things that I've picked up along the way without having to read about it everywhere. I hope these help you if you're finding it a struggle to get a good nights rest - it really is a pain.

Avoid Caffeine -

If you're the type to find it easier working in the evenings / night then you probably rely on caffeine to give you a boost of energy every now and then. Big mistake. I know this one if pretty obvious, but how can you expect your body to want to go to sleep if you're fuelling it with a cup of caffeine, whether it's energy drinks, tea or coffee? it's no good. If you genuinely want to get into a regular sleeping pattern and sleep well, then caffeine can no longer be your best friend. I try to limit my daily caffeine intake to a minimum and always switch to decaf coffee when I can as I know caffeine isn't doing my body any favours. If you're looking for a warm evening drink that isn't coffee, then decaffeinated herbal teas are a blessing. These always manage to soothe me and make me feel ready for bed with just one sip. I don't drink them often enough, but it's definitely something I am willing to start doing daily. 

Go For A Walk -

Oh my, I can't stress how much going on an evening walk helps me. Personally I love to walk for about an hour - sometimes more, sometimes less - but either way, it helps a ton every time! I love getting home and automatically feeling tired, yet kind of rejuvenated and ready for bed. I find this time is perfect to help clear your mind or if you're out walking with a friend or family member, then you can get things off your chest or have a good catch up. I love getting home, hopping in the shower, pouring myself some water and going to bed. 

Run A Bath -

We all know how soothing taking a bath can be, but I love running a bath in the evening, lighting a candle if I'm feeling fancy and watching a show on Netflix, playing my current night time playlist or catching up on my current favourite book. I love adding a scent to my bath, so any bath bombs or bubble bars from Lush are a must. I used the Brightside bubble bar today and I felt so relaxed, it smelt so heavenly and it's the perfect summer citrus scent!

Cleanse Your Skin -

If I don't follow my usual nighttime skincare routine then there is no chance I can go to sleep feeling refreshed. I have never slept with my makeup on throughout the night and honestly the thought of it makes me shiver. I always recommend using face wash over face wipes as I feel like face wipes don't take makeup off properly and get right into your skin like a face wash does. I always rely on brands like The Body Shop or Simple for affordable, good quality facial skincare products.

Put Your Phone Down -

It's so easy to jump into bed, pick up your phone and spend hours scrolling through social media. I do this way too often and I know it's not helping me with sleep at all. However, when I know I need sleep, especially if I need to be up early the next day, then I will put my phone down and read a book in the evening. Reading has always helped me go to sleep ever since I was little, so I'm glad I picked up the habit from an early age. Try including this in your nighttime routine and limit the amount of time you spend on your phone in the evening if you really want a good nights sleep.

Have A Routine - 

I know some people don't like having a routine as they can often get boring, but having roughly the same evening routine will really help your body adjust and you'll find yourself going to sleep at around the same time every night with ease. If you want to get really organised, set yourself some reminders or alarms to remind you to do the same thing at the same time every night until it becomes completely normal. It takes twenty one days to form a new habit, so give it time and see if this works for you.

Listen To Music On Low Volume -

Obviously you're not going to get much sleep if you're blaring music through your headphones at 11pm, but having slow music playing quietly in the background of whatever I'm doing in the evening really does work wonders for me. I always feel so relaxed when my favourite slow songs are playing so this really helps me wind down in the evening and as a result I go to sleep so much easier. My current favourite songs that help me feel relaxed are:

  1. Don't Watch Me Cry - Jorja Smith
  2. Sober - Demi Lovato
  3. Between - Courrier
  4. Girl Crush - Harry Styles
  5. Naked - Ally Barron
  6. Everglow - Coldplay
  7. Honest - Mali-Koa
Make Notes For The Following Day -

If you're struggling to sleep due to stress, then jotting down a to do list for the next day or setting yourself reminders will hopefully help to clear your mind and prevent you from worrying so much about the next day, or forgetting anything important. Keep a notebook beside your bed and write down anything you can't let yourself forget and it'll be there ready and waiting in the morning to help you have a productive day.

Sleep In darkness -

When I was little, I had to have a nightlight to help me sleep because it would obviously protect me from any monsters that dared to enter my room - anyone else? But now I couldn't think of anything worse than a light shining in my room when I'm trying to sleep. So if you sleep with any light entering your room or even something as little as a small light coming from your tv, then this could be a big cause of your lack of sleep. Try shutting off any lights and see if this helps you.

Keep Your Room Cool -

As much as I love summer, I hate how hot my bedroom gets, especially when I'm trying to sleep. I refuse to sleep without a duvet 99% of the time unless the heat is extreme. If I don't have a fan on in my room then there is no chance of me going to sleep without tossing and turning for an hour beforehand. So keep your room cool by turning a fan on or turning on the air conditioning if you're lucky enough to have it in your home (I wish). Even when the weather isn't boiling, I always sleep with my window open to let in the air so I don't feel hot and stuffy when I'm trying to sleep or even when I get up in the morning. This could be preventing you from sleeping easily if there is no fresh air in your bedroom.

Hopefully you have some idea of what you may need to change in your night time routine, or if you have any further suggestions for anyone who may be struggling - leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Love Always,


  1. I definitely need to start getting in a better routine, so this is so helpful! Definitely need to stop using my phone so close to going to bed. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I'm glad you found this post useful! Thank you Hannah x

  2. Love this!!! I would really need to apply some of those to my life, thanks for the ideas!