7 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow


Since we all live on our phones, with a huge percentage of that time being taken up by Instagram (I mean, who are we kidding, we're all addicted?) if not, you're probably one of the lucky ones. I on the other hand, am pretty obsessed. I don't seem to post all that frequently, but it's something I'm definitely wanting to change really soon as I love connecting to people over such a great platform. Although I don't post much right now, this doesn't stop me from scrolling through my homepage and admiring all the gorgeous photos, especially since it's autumn and everyone seems to have the cutest feeds. I really wanted to round up a few of my favourite accounts that I've either loved for a long time now, or accounts that I've just discovered but are equally as great. I'd love to know if one of your favourite Instagram accounts is mentioned below, so leave a comment and let me know!

@kalynnicholson13 -
Not only is Kalyn one of my absolute favourite Youtubers, but she seems to create the most cosiest set ups not just on her youtube, but on Instagram. Her feed gives you constant cosy vibes and makes you want to have the most chill mornings and evenings with a latte in hand, cuddling your dog and diving into the most wondrous book.

@fruitful_soul -
Kayla has one of the most stunning feeds all year round, but I'm loving it more than ever right now. She shares photos of delicious looking smoothie bowls along with tons of other lifestyle pictures including stunning photos from her wedding.

@laurajadestone -
Laura has got to be my favourite blogger as her style is simple but so gorgeous. She creates the most beautiful looks and always gets me wanting to buy all of her outfits. It's no wonder that she has so many followers, but if you're not following her already then you must as you're missing out on some seriously great outfit inspiration!

@safaalloyd -
Again, one of my favourite fashion bloggers going. Safaa has the most gorgeous style and her hair and makeup are always stunning also! If you're looking for a new fashion blogger to follow, then Safaa is a must. I absolutely adore her latest post where she is wearing a houndstooth skirt and jacket set with minimalistic accessories.

@thelittleblogofvegan -
This account is a prime example of how you can make so many different treats vegan! Holly makes not only the most delicious looking vegan treats, but they are also decorated in the cutest way possible. Everything looks so delicate and pretty, almost too good to eat! If you fancy getting creative and need inspiration then this account is definitely worth following even if you're not vegan!

@outofthebex -
Seeking flat-lay inspo for blog photos? look no further. Bex has one of the cosiest feeds I've ever come across and I always look forward to seeing new posts from her. If you're a book lover, then Bex gives some really great recommendations that you're bound to love. Oh and if you're a donut devotee like Bex, then you'll get great pleasure in seeing them featured in many of her uploads, yum.

@acaciakersey -
I've been following Acacia on social media for years, but her photos on Instagram never fail to amaze me. From the early stages of her relationship with Jairus to their wedding day, to them now having a beautiful family with two baby girls and the cutest dog. It's been so nice being able to see their journey as a family and her Instagram shows so many adorable moments with their little girls. Acacia is also so stunning and her makeup always looks beautiful!

Who's your favourite Instagrammer?

Love Always,
Shannon x


  1. I need to check out all of these accounts, the feeds look awesome! x


  2. Always love these kind of posts! I'll be sure to check out all of these, as their feeds look beautiful xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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